Thursday, December 8, 2011

Song of the Day ::: Through It All - S

(in parentheses) P49

Cotton Candy Kisses / pintavelloso

1. I sent out my husband to Costco for groceries. I sent him out with a list and he came back with Chocolate Cherios, a block of cheese, bananas, a big box of cookies, and sweet pumpkin bread. Lol. 

2. Candy is not lunch/or a breakfast. I wish it could totally be, but it isn't.

3. Watching shows like Intervention & I Survived... can really teach you something. Like how NOT  to be a drug addict or how you can possibly survive after you get shot in your head.

4. Dont EVER say that you're not a hipster. Its a trap and you cant get out of the hole you keep making yourself.  Just ignore the question or divert the conversation.

5. I feel horrible after going on a shopping binge and then I look at my bank account :(

6. You know you're bored when you go to YouTube and start looking at UFO and ghost videos... and then you'll regret it because you'll be too scared that night.

7.  Everyone feels bad enough after something horrible happens or your boyfriend breaks up with you, BUT trust me that you'll feel worse after eating all that comfort food and your clothes dont fit :(.

8. I dont care how old you are, you should NEVER get into a strangers car! Stranger Danger!!!!!

9. Put Nutella on everything!!! EVERYTHING ! .... well.... no....dont... lets limit our temptations.

10. I need to go to bed....... neeeeeeeeeeeed sleeeeeeeeeeeeep

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Song of the Day::: Midnight Coward - Stars

Things I'm Thankful For...


I am thankful for...

1. Not having my fingers cut off at work.
2. Having anxiety which therefore makes me paranoid which makes me prepared.
3. Never having any serious head trauma.
4. Not being ran over.... (yet).
5. Being exhausted from two jobs.
6. Having medical insurance.
7. Having awesome music.
8. My husband that allows me to shop.
9. My hamster that doesnt bite me.
10. Not being homeless :( (I always feel really sad when I see someone homeless)
11. Some awesome fuzzy socks my mom gave me that keep my feet warm.
12. Birth Control. (no babies for me right now)
13. My family cat that hasnt eaten my hamster.
14. Blogging my feelings and clothes I can never buy.
15. The prepared section at my grocery store when I forget to pack lunch.
16. Working at the mall so I can spend more monies.
17. Having fat on my body so I wont starve during a disaster.
18. Not having a car so that I can walk more and burn calories.
19. Food Network because it helped me learn how to cook this year.
20. Potatoes.

In all seriousness though.... I am really thankful for having a loving husband that supports me in whatever I do, whenever I have breakdowns, and is there when I need him to do jillian michaels with me (and helps me with my blog :P). I have a wonderful family with great personalities. My loving parents which supported me in moving back home and offered their home to me and my husband because I was becoming an emotional wreck and needed help. I am thankful for two jobs that even though they wear me out, I have met wonderful people and new friends. I am thankful that I'm not completely poor, and most importantly I am thankful to be alive. ♥

                                                     Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Song of the Day::: People I Know - Lali Puna

                       ♥Turn this song way up (especially if you have bass) and get lost in it ♥

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Song of the Day ::: Night Time - XX

Colourless Colour

When the days are a little gloomy, the dull colors come to play! Here are some
pieces that have color without being overbearing. When the days get a little darker
 color gets brighter, no matter whether its a more muted shade or not. This is
how I would use a pop of color when the sky is grey ♥ 

1. BCBG- $20 Bowler Hat

2. House of Harlow- $35 Starburst Button Earrings

3. Miss Selfridge- $62 Color Block Dress

4. Miss Selfridge- $135 Faux Fur Collar Coat

5. Kate Spade- $78 Large Bow Ring

6. Modcloth- $60 First Internship Satchel

7. Madewell- $88 Suede Sidewalk Skimmer

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Song of the Day ::: Artificial Light - Cowgirls & Indians

Listen my friends........ Listen ♥

(in parentheses) P48

i want doc martens&160;!

1. As much as I like Christmas, I hate when the retail world starts selling Christmas items in june/july.... or in the early days of October.... Can't we just wait until after thanksgiving ????

2. Old Gaga, pre meat dress, is the best Gaga.... I dont know what happened afterwards :(.

3. If someone gives you something important to do... then you should do it! .... UNLESS  you totally hate that person and they're a mean poopface, then you should take your time and be lazy.

4. Lets try to remember to act our age. Don't be 25 and act like you're 15 or 50 and think you're 20. Lets grow up here.

5. If you're going to pick your nose, do it in the bathroom where no one can see you. Do Not pick your nose at the desk sitting next to me, while  im staring at you, and then touch the stapler I was about to grab.

6. Jillian Michaels is your new hero. Shhhhhhhhhhhh ...... embrace it.

7. Remember, the point of thanksgiving is to eat food....... not to burn the house down making  food. Completely different. Lets be safe and not die, shall we?

8. There is a proper time and place to throw a tantrum. Time: when you're five, Place: at Chuck E Cheese.

9. Yeah, you know you look awesome in those new Dr.Marten boots you got there.

10. Lets not be cheap and buy really cheap nailpolish (and as in cheap I mean either free or anything you find in the 99¢ store.)  because that shit will ruin your nails. Im just trying to protect you. ♥

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Song of the Day ::: Hands (Acoustic Ver) - The Ting Tings

                        Also find the non-acoustic version here on my Are You Listening? P9 Playlist :)

Heart of Chambers

The weather is getting colder and the days are getting darker.
Now is the perfect time to make all your fall/winter purchases. Find a great
 pair of boots, cute sweaters, and a ton of tights!
This is something that I would toooootally wear. I am currently
on a mission to findthose Dr.Marten boots :( ... so far no luck. My fall essentials
include foresty colors, velvet, thick tights, and of course jewelry!!!

2. MTWTFSS WEEKEND- $55 Knit Sweater

3. Miss Selfridge- $24 Red Satchel

4. Topshop- $120 Velvet Shorts

5. House of Harlow- $75 Antler Wrap Ring

6. Dr.Martens- $150 Triumph 1914

7. Betsey Johnson- $24 Heart Tights

Photoshop by  Matthew Shriver

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy 11/11/11!!!!

I&8217;ve been ready for the celebration.

                                      Happy 11/11/11 :) If you missed making your ultimate wish
                                                        this morning at 11:11, then wait
                                                                  again for tonight :)
                                                    I hope all your wishes come true ♥

                                                                 Love you ♥, O.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

(in parentheses) P47


1. If you don't know that coffee bean makes a red velvet hot cocoa, you do now and you should totally get one! AMAZING ! Tastes like you're drinking a cupcake :) yummmm...

2. Do what you  need to do, to make you  happy.... except meth... don't do meth!

3. Make sure that if you're playing rockstar in the bathroom with your hairbrush, to lock the door. You don't want to be totally embarrassed.

4. You're only ready to have short hair when ....1) You become unattached to your locks. 2) You're ok to feel vulnerable 3)You're ok to freak out or possibly accept that you might regret it.

5. For those of you that have perfect eyesight.... appreciate the fact that you don't have to spend at least $200 extra a year on your eyes :(..... perfectly good spending monies.

6. Don't tell me I'm fat, and then  ask me to go to in-n-out with you.

7. Don't you EVER  go to Chilis in your pajamas! Come on guys..... really?!

8.Get out of your comfort zone.... wear some crazy eyeshadow (not too crazy) or lipstick or something!!!!

9.You are your own worst enemy.

10. Stop and admire your nails..... and if you can't admire them, then that means you have the wrong color nailpolish on. :)

Song of the Day ::: Bitch - Plastiscines

                                                    ♥ Because you should be ♥

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Song of the Day::: Their Cell - Girl In A Coma

                                          ♥ I love it when bands sound awesome live ♥ 

As If By Magic

This is my version of a prim and proper outfit. I love how the shirt
has the beaded collar and the shoes give off an oxfordy-esque look. The tweed pants
I'm sure you can wear with basically anything :).... and top it all of with
strong accessories! I keep eyeing those earrings ♥

1. House of Harlow- $49 Star Earrings

2. Oasis- $90 Beaded Collar Shirt

3. Nordstrom- $38 Super Shiny Curve Cuff

4. Topshop- $85 Tweed Trousers

5. Topshop- $50 Bow Trim Cross Body Bag

6. Genius- $80 Black & Creme Heels

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

Monday, November 7, 2011

Dead Disco

Why not have fun just wearing a bunch crazy things. I am super obsesed with those
sunglasses and sequins and Dr. Marten boots!

1.Nasty Gal- $40 Two Tone Sunglasses

3.Weekday- $28 Armour Silver Bracelet

4.Topshop- $75 Cross Emboidery Skirt

5.Topshop- $28 Ball & Claw Ring

6.Dr. Martens- $120 1460 Jewel Boots

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

Thursday, November 3, 2011

(in parentheses) P46


1. If you keep dropping your phone... it will hate you and die :( . Just like my phone.

2. You're not alone... I'm here enduring the bullshit too ♥

3. When in doubt, or if you're having an off day, then buy something pretty! :)

4. You know that person that you cant stand? That person that really gets on your nerves and you just want to punch them? ..... Once you meet the person that you hate the most, then everyone else will become a piece of cherry pie. No one will compare and you'll be slower to anger and have more patience. Something good can always come out of something bad.... and if nothing good comes out of it, then that sucks.

5. Why am I so poor ?! (no.... not really... but I just want shiny expensive things lol)

6. You know you're sleep deprived when you can't even remember if part of a memory was either a dream or reality....

7. You've probably  been abducted by an alien... and if you haven't ... you will.............

8. Everyone reaches their breaking point. It can be from anything.... work/relationships/fights/whatever. Its you who chooses how to move on from that.

9. Selena Gomez has a baby head. No one can tell me I'm wrong.

10. I hope you still love me ♥

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Song of the Day ::: Man - The Bird and The Bee

                                                An old song I lost when my ipod died :(

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Song of the Day ::: Counting Back to 1 - Beautiful Small Machines

                                                 ♥A favorite song with a favorite movie ♥

Monday, October 10, 2011

I Miss You ...

032/365: Not long now. / Ben Smith

As of lately I have been soo busy and super tired. I've recently hit my exhaustion point and had a couple of meltdowns :(. Not my best, but it'll get better. I miss posting soooooooooooo much. I've been banned from my computer at work basically (so I cant use it), and my husbands computer isnt compatible with my blog site so it cant post things correctly. Until I can afford to buy a laptop of my own, I'll be unable to do my daily posts. I really do miss posting though. Everyday I miss searching for cool clothing to show you or something interesting for you to see. I was so happy to post! I loved having my blog. I felt like it made me a better person in some strange way. I'll try to work on one post a week at least during my lunch hours so that i'm able to post something. I'll also try to listen to as much music as possible so you can enjoy some new bands and such that I find :). I really miss you ♥ I miss my readers, I miss writing and posting ♥ I miss my blog ♥

Friday, September 16, 2011

(in parentheses) P45

Tokyo Heels / Colville-Andersen

1. Eating a piece of pie for breakfast is NOT  breakfast. Sure you can do it, but I'm pretty sure you're going to end up feeling like one of those sad/groggy planets on the Jimmy Deans commercials.

2. A puppy is all you need to fix your problems......... well..... .. not really, but it'll cheer you up!

3. If I can resist shopping for TWO WEEKS then I'm pretty sure that you can do it too ♥

4. Don't paint your nails yellow. It just looks like you have pee on your hands or something. Unless, you can really pull of the yellow look. Which I can't.

5. Its obvious that Forever 21 either wants you to show your underwear through skirts or buy the slips that they sell and make even more money........ (like I don't already shop there enough.)

6. Its always important to look the date that is printed on a letter/card/flyer, because you might be wanting to go to coffee bean and taste their new flavors for free .... and then  realize that it was actually the day before :(.

7. I just realized it was friday.....

8. When someone says that they don't drink, they can either be telling the complete  truth or be completely lying and then get really drunk that same night.

9. I don't necessarily think that you need to break your heels in. I'm pretty sure you have to break your feet in.

10. Always remember that I ♥ You.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

(in parentheses) P44

Pretty in Pink / letty schmiterlow

1. When you think  that you're normal .... and then you realize that you're not and are a freak.... you end up feeling really really small. Apparently  INFJ personalities only make up 1.5% of the whole population, and four other groups/types of  people that are super anal and/or boring make up for 10-15% of the whole U.S each!

2. Never give up! Never surrender!

3. Doing things ahead of time doesn't assure you that you wont get stressed. Like packing something the night before and then forgetting about it the next morning until you figure out that you left that said something.

4. Its ok to give in to something ,sometimes. According to my husband, when we were at Forever 21, he knows that I can't help myself from buying something.

5. Pink food tastes wayyyyyyyy  better than purple food. Purple food just tastes like soap.

6. Rock climbing for 5 minutes will kill you the day after, and you can possibly even hit your face on one of the rocks while you're climbing!.......... but you should still try it!

7. You know how when you were a kid you would swing really high and then jump off? Yeah?  .... well don't do it when you're a grown up because when you land you will break your legs! I tried it...... and it hurt reeeaaalllly bad.

8. Patience is a virtue..... but instant gratification is better :)

9. Don't be scared to dye your hair! You can ALWAYS  fix it by going darker :)

10. You can be 24 and have a nightlight. Its OK.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bold Lipstick

This is a tutorial by Geri Hirsch @ I love how this shows you how to get that flawless look when you're using bold colored lipsticks!!! I was going to keep this all to myself but that was just too selfish! I hope you enjoy! Now go buy a lipstick and do this thing!!!

Song of the Day ::: Fight Song - The Republic Tigers

Friday, September 2, 2011

Song of the Day ::: When I'm With You - Best Coast

                                                        ♥ Because I hate sleeping alone ♥

Thursday, September 1, 2011

(in parentheses) P43

Surprise Kiss | 21 Stunning photos and pictures with a beautiful quote

1. A nacho casserole is essentially  nachos in a glass dish that you put in the oven. I guess it just makes you feel like you're doing something interesting in the kitchen :)

2. BE NICE! Because when you're old and fat, karma is going to come around and kill you for being mean to everybody you knew in your life!!!

3. Everybody gets run over.... ok  well maybe not EVERYBODY .... but if you walk alot then your chances are pretty high. Its just a matter of time! :(

4. Everytime you drop your phone, it will hate you more and more to the point that it will no longer want to do anything for you. People are the same way..... but instead of dropping its yelling.

5. You will  ultimately grow up to be two things and two things only::::  a nice/funny  old person or a mean/cranky  old person..... Let's think about this shall we? .....

6. Don't freak out. Don't freak out. Don't freak out. Everything falls into its place after a while so its going to be OK :)

7. Horrible people are ALWAYS  friends with horrible people... Its the way of life.

8. Finding money that you didn't even think you had are like bonus points!!!!!!

9. If you haven't seen Adventure Time I highly recommend that you do! I'm barely catching up on all the episodes I missed and it makes my day!!! :)

10. Sometimes facing your fears by watching a TV show is therapeutic in some strange way. Its both entertaining and a serious wake up call.

UPDATE::: In my last post of (in parentheses), I mentioned that someone stole my tupperware. Today..... I found them! YES! It was my mean face of an uncle that stole my precious tupperware! He didn't just bring one of them back, but TWO! So today, I will retrieve them!

Posting Soon

Sorry that I've been away. Its just been really busy with work and now I'm moving so its just hectic and I havent found any time to work on postings. I get home and usually pass out or I'm super busy at work so I dont get any spare time to complete a post. :( I hate not posting so I promise I'm going to try and post a couple of things really soon :)

I miss you ♥


Monday, August 22, 2011

(in parentheses) P42

Just me, no one else

1. Manicures don't last forever. We can wish it , but it wont come true.

2. When you're phone adds 21 after you type in forever.... then that means that you have a serious problem... just like I do.

3. Having someone tell you stories about alien abductions before you go to sleep is not cool! :(

4. It really sucks when you're away from your job for a week and when you come back all the work is still sitting on your desk because people cant do a damn thing for you or themselves.

5. On that note ::: Try to find a job that will appreciate your work and treat you well. You deserve it ♥

6. Don't steal other peoples tupperware?! WHO DOES THAT!?  "Oh, hey, here is some tupperware. I think I'll take it home even thought its not mine." .... REALLY?!

7. Nutella Marshmallow Empanada. That's all I need to say.....

8. Everything  looks cuter with a bow! Even YOU!

9. Searching everywhere for one thing and having someone find it in two seconds is really embarrassing because they leave you looking like a moron :(

10. Everybody has problems and everyone is messed up in some way. So we're all in it together.

Song of the Day ::: Untied - The One AM Radio

Song of the Day ::: Teardrop (Massive Attack Cover) - Jose Gonzalez

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Old Lady, Young Soul

If I had money this is probably what I would buy today.... I'm lying, I would actually
buy a whole lot more! I love these pieces because its something old
in a relatively new style. Not exactly vintage, but it has the feel. I love wearing clothes that
have an old-timey feel. I love the House of Harlow sunglasses! AND those
totally cute owl earrings! ♥ ♥ ♥
If only it was my birthday....

1. House Of Harlow- $149 Chain Sunglasses

3. Topshop- $60 Polka Dot Dress

5. ASOS- $26  Contrast Handle Bag

6. Sigerson Morrison- $195 Peak Shoe

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

Monday, August 15, 2011

Song of the Day ::: True Believer - Dragonette

 Does anyone wear pants anymore??? lol. I had this song stuck in my head forever so I thought I would post it ♥

Friday, August 12, 2011

(in parentheses) P41

Untitled / Nishe

1. Its probably  time to actually get an alarm clock, after the third time that your phone fails to wake you up in one week. Thankfully, I have sleeping problems so I woke up and then panicked.

2. You can either be a cheap-o and not  buy new mascara and just add water so it doesnt clump OR you can pay for the medicine you will need when you get that eye infection. Just buy the new mascara!!!

3. What's worse/more awkward? Trying to make eye contact or trying to avoid eye contact? I have the answer! Both! So just put on sunglasses! :)

4. I HATE  wanting to cut my hair!!!! Its SOOOOOOOO tempting!!!!!!!

5.  YOU  wear what YOU want to wear!!!!

6. Remember  ladies... "The eyes are the nipples of the face..." God I love that movie.

7. There is something seriously wrong when a girl uses just one pencil to be her eyeliner, lipliner, and eyebrow pencil.

8. If you havent already tried boba I suggest that you get into your mode of transportation and head over to any place that sells boba.... and then you'll be addicted. ♥

9. Sometimes having enabling friends is the best. Shopping enabling friends, good. Druggie enabling friends, BAD!!!!! You are too  good for drugs! And get some new friends!!!

10. Having facebook notifications sent to your email is horrible.... Especially  when you dont know how to turn them off!!!! :(


Song of the Day ::: July Flame - Laura Veirs

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Instagram & Oversized Photos


Im not a very good picture person. I've only owned a camera one time and that was broken by one of my sisters approximately 2 months after i bought it. Although I love photography I'm not the first person to whip out a camera or my cell phone. Also, we never really had pictures in our home when I was a child.... actually still to this day. They sit in some metal case somewhere in the depths of my moms closet.

This seemed like a great idea though. I love how you can have just random pictures all in one place. Since I now share a new life as a married person I would actually like to do things as we become our own family. Although I wouldnt make an instagram this big I still love the idea and I am going to attempt at making one :). I love how all the pictures are small so they want to lure you in and take the time to actually look at them to see what they are! I also love blown up pictures on canvases lol. I'm either going for big or small! NEVER medium. Anyways.... So here I go.... I'll try to take some pics ♥


Thankyou for inspiring me Because I'm Addicted

Song of the Day ::: Move You - Anya Marina

Monday, August 8, 2011

Outfit Of The Day:: Hearts ♥ Hearts

This will totally be something that I would wear. I think from previous
posts that you know I like anything with a bow and cute things with hearts or anything
that can make me look cute! :) I wish I could have ANY of these items.
I especially love the scalloped shoes ♥

1. Tilly's- $5 Netted Hair Bows

3. Rachel Roy- $22 Heart Stud

4. Topshop- $90 Sequined Heart Sweater

5. Miss Selfridge- $50 Navy Paperbag Shorts

6. Suzy Smith- $38 Velvet Charm Bag

7. Topshop- $56 Scalloped Flats

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

Song of they Day ::: Sprout And The Bean - Joanna Newsome

Friday, August 5, 2011

Song of the Day ::: Welcome Home - Radical Face

Wild For You

I don't own alot animal print things, but that doesn't mean that I don't like it. I think
that in my whole closet I have one shirt and thats it. These are a couple of 
pieces that I like. Both in the tribal/aztec way AND in the 
animal print selection. This I think would look nice just to lounge
around in when going somewhere where you dont
have to be all dressed up.
1. Buckle - $21 Aztec Henley Tank

2. River Island- $22 Turquoise Agate Ring

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs- $50 Predator Hair Clip
4. Topshop- $70 Jade Animal Print Shorts

5. PacSun- $10 Feather Hair Clip

6. Miss Selfridge- $74 Black & Creme Cardigan

7. Lucky Brand- $35 Peacock Earrings

8. Tilly's- $25 Wolf Tee

9. Topshop- $60 Scalloped Jean Shorts

10. Miss Selfridge- $41 Animal Print Vest

11. All Saints- $40 Godiva Tee

12. Betsey Johnson- $130 Leopard Heel

13. Naughty Monkey- $85 Woven Sandal

14. ModeKungen- $64 Leopard Shorts

(Steve Madden- $90 Leather Sandal)
Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

Thursday, August 4, 2011

(in parentheses) P40

.8925 / annette pehrsson

1. I always feel like if you want something bad enough and you're sending out the signals to the universe then something will happen. But we have to be realistic here ladies.... no wishing we were princesses or something :).  Also, even though what you wish for something to happen, sometimes you have to help yourself get there and do SOME  of the work!

2. Working at a mall that has Forever 21 in it is the worst. BECAUSE  you just end up spending your money there every lunch break you get!

3. If you flirt with EVERY guy on this planet and then end up really liking one guy, then he is not even going to know you like him because he is just going to believe that its you being you. He's just going to think that he's not special.

4. Why  must we sacrifice??? Why  cant we just have it all?!

5. Health starts from within. BUT within you is you. If you're happy and mentally healthy then you're body will have less stress/any problem and therefore you will be a healthier person.

6. NEVER assume people cant see through your windows! If you're in your car and you feel like your windows are dark enough or that they are magical... You're WRONG! We can see you. Yep, We see you picking your nose! D:>

7. It is a very  real possibility that you can hit your pinky toe on something and almost rip out the whole nail :(

8. Moving into a new place is really exiting! Except if you find out that the place is haunted!

9. On that note : Ghosts and Spirits are real. No.... Don't fight it. Shhhhhhhh. ..... They're real.

10. It is NEVER too late OR  early to buy someone a birthday present :)))))

Song of the Day ::: Succexy - Metric

Monday, August 1, 2011

Outfit For The Day

If I was rich for the day... (or at least had more money to spend on clothing)... Then this is
what I would purchase/wear today. I love this skirt and the sunglasses!
 I would love those Aldo shoes as well. This outfit feels like those outfits
where nothing really fits but in some
way it totally goes together. ♥

1. Mango- $37 Cats Eye Sunglasses

3. Topshop- $66 Creme Top

4. Rachel Roy- $41 Feather Cuff

5. Coast London- $188 Tressi Full Skirt

6. Aldo- $100 Calvani Wedge

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

Song of the Day ::: Run - The Forest And The Trees

Thursday, July 28, 2011

(in parentheses)P39

My Space by ~StarryEyed4351 on deviantART

1. What goes around, comes around. ...Like a YoYo.... and it just might hit you in the head.

2. Sometimes a medium bag of popcorn is WAY too much popcorn. Even for two people.

3. You can forgive and forget but sometimes the hurt still lingers there, and that's OK.

4. Whenever I run into my coworker and we're in each others way... I always say "sorry". Once he answered "Don't say sorry! Say MOVE!" Maybe you should try it?

5. If veggie stick chips don't even taste that good compared to regular chips. Then its probably better just not to eat any chips at all. Whats the point in eating a chip that's healthier if it doesn't even taste good? Might as well be EXTRA healthy and not eat ANY chipies.

6. Three things that you can never have too many of: Socks, Chapstick/Lipstick, and Hairties. Always keep those stocked because I lose those like crazy. Especially the socks. Put two in and only one comes out!

7. It sucks when you're super hungry and then you call the tamale man and then you find out his number is disconnected :(

8. Sometimes you just have to put your mean face on so people can take you seriously.

9. Totally start stocking up on sweaters and cute beanies! Because whenever I try to find some during the fall/winter season I find NOTHING! So start early.

10. Feelings are important. So don't let anyone tell you how to feel or make you feel bad about feeling a certain way! You are too important!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Song of the Day ::: Pick Up The Phone - Dragonette

Rebel Without A Cause

This is my take on a really posh girl gone bad. Well not totally bad but probably if Barbie
wanted to look a little more bad ass :). One of my favorite ways to dress is to still look feminine
but at the same time have a hard edge. The easiest way to accomplish that look is with color and accessories. Pair a soft neutral color like white,blush, and creme and then mix
it with hard looking accessories. Anything super geometric, or heavy using metals.
That usually does the trick for me :).

1. Dv by Dolce Vita- $89 Bow Pump

2. Guess- $25 Crystal Facet Studs

3. Miss Selfridge- $66 High Waisted Pants

4. House of Harlow- $39 Feather Row Ring

5. Mango- $37 Chunky Bracelet

7. Miss Selfridge- $73 Nude Mesh Cut Out Dress

8. Topshop- $36 Meow Tank

10. Topshop- $50 Red Heart Cross Body Bag

11. Miss Selfridge- $41 Ramones Tee

12. Zoe Karssen- $85 California Dreaming Tank

13. Warehouse- $25 Scalloped Edge Shorts

14. Jeffrey Campbell- $125 Silver Lita Platform

15. Betsey Johnson- $32 Rose Stretch Belt

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Song of the Day ::: For The Best - Gregory and The Hawk

 I really love this song ♥ Currently my fave and playing on repeat. Check out their new album "Leche" Totally good!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Go With The Flow

Nothing says soft and feminine like flowy clothing. Not ONLY is it super stylish but
its comfortable. I really like dressy clothes that arent constricting your body. These are great items to pair with a simple tank to keep you cool. Sometimes when
hot weather comes around you want something that will flow away
from your body instead of sticking to it.

Miss Selfridge- $56 Beige Drop Back Skirt

Betsey Johnson- $25 Bow Stud Earrings

Miss Selfridge- $68 Coral Pearl Embellished

Steve Madden- $130 Bellah

Alice In The Eye- $70 Pleated Skirt

Michael Antonia Gazana- $60 Leopard Wedge

Topshop- $76 Twist Hem Blouse

3.1 Phillip Lim- $188 Henley Blouse

Topshop- $60 Green Skirt

Marc by Marc Jacobs- $48 Doe Earrings

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

Friday, July 22, 2011

(in parentheses) P38

1. It doesn't matter how many times a person says that a shot doesn't hurt, they're LYING! It totally does. Especially if you're getting three of them at one time! 

2. Some people can't help but to be either douchey or bitchy. So i guess we just have to put up with them :(

3. A banana from Trader Joe's will NOT last you a whole week before getting all ugly, soft, and splotchy looking.

4. I assume you're responsible and smart enough to make your own decisions. BUT if you need a little tip. Stop and think to yourself "is what I'm doing stupid?" and hopefully you know the RIGHT answer and don't become a lost cause.

5. Trying to find food when either you're SUPER hungry or completely not hungry is the worst. Either NOTHING sounds good or EVERYTHING sounds good.

6. Telling someone that they've gained weight OR that they're fat is NOT a way to make them feel good or help the situation. Neither is finishing off the sentence with "I'm just telling you so you know." OR "I'm just telling you for your own good." In fact, it will make them feel worse and destroy their confidence and self worth..... mom.

7. Please carry some pepper spray with you or on your key chain. I don't want some yucky old man who is sick in the head to carry you off or attack you!

8. NEVER be a rat. NO ONE likes a rat. If you fall for shit that YOU did, don't take other people down with you and throw them under the bus.

9. If you do something bad to someone who either deserves it or IS bad, then will karma not get you because technically you're doing something good? and technically its karma getting back to the bad person? DOES THIS EVEN MAKE SENSE?!

10. Pain is not weakness leaving your body. Pain is your muscles crying.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cookin Time

Sometimes when I feel uninspired to buy clothing, I concentrate on other things that have nothing to do with my body. Sometimes I go into an accessorie spree, but other times I go into a decor/kitchen/tableware spree. I have a bad tendency to find things and say "I NEED THAT!" and Matthew looks at me like im psycho and says "NOOOOOO, No you don't NEED that.". In which I obsess about the item for long periods of time until Matthew caves in, and I purchase it (like these tumblers HERE ) I seriously ended up thinking about them for two weeks until I just bought them. AND they're my FAVE! . Here are some lovely table settings along with some cool extra things to make you look super chic while you cook and serve!

1. Ikea- .99¢ Solbrand Cups

2. Modcloth- $6.99 Pug Salt & Pepper Shaker

3. Williams Sonoma- $24.99 Prep Bowls

4. Crate & Barrel- $5.95 Peony Plate

5. Anthropologie- $10-16 Verdant Acres Dinnerware

6. Modcloth- $12.99 Human Bean Mug

7. Anthropologie- $18 Measuring Spoons

8. Willams Sonoma- $13 Mango Pitter

9. Morn Creations- $28 Panda Apron

10. Ikea- $1.99 Doid Glass

11. Crate & Barrel- $4.95 Bianca Orange Plate

13. Crate & Barrel- $6.95 Tinge Green Plate

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

Thursday, July 14, 2011

So You Can Feel Better

Here are some facts about me that can make you feel better about all the weird things about you.

1. Super pregnant ladies scare me. I just feel like they're going to rip open :(. Its only when they have super really protruding bellies like they're carrying a bunch of babies inside that freak me out. Like when Kate Gosseling was pregnant >:(

2. I can't sleep alone. Because when i do i start thinking of scary things and ultimately end up sleeping with the light on. Laugh if you must but really sometimes i just cant do it.

3. When i pray at night i start thinking of death and then go into super freaking out mode.... So i dont pray at night just during the day. I dont know why but whenever i do try to pray at night i just think of dying and disasters and having my loved ones lost and then by the time that i'm done i cant fall asleep.

4. I feel like nobody really likes me. Except for Matt and my family. Maybe its just me as an inconscious fear, but thats how i really feel.

5. Im funniest when im really mean and sarcastic. Which makes me feel mean. Which im not.

6. I get freaked out when i take a shower. I start thinking that maybe an earthquake will happen or something bad like i will faint or have a panic attack and then no one will find me. When this happens i usually just start singing to take my mind off of it.

7. I cant eat yams, sweet potatoes, or pumpkin pie.

8. A part of my finger will never grow back :(.

9. I love to tell people that I love them

10. I always have some wierd alternative scenario playing in my hear. I feel like sometimes I want to imagine the possiblitly of other actions but I cant actually do them. Either that or I imagine some really scary life/death/survival scenario (thanks to having anxiety).

11. when i was in second grade i seriously thought i was going to die from a nosebleed.

12. I went in for a perm. and came out with a fro. :(

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011


Its been a loooong time since I've had a girl friend. I've never really been the type that has a ton of girl friends, I'm more of the single one on one friend who in turn becomes my best friend. With that being said, Caitlin was my last friend. She was truly the best and I prefer to remember the really great moments rather than the last psychotic ones she had before our friendship fell apart.

Caitlin was just like me. Simple and fun in the boring way (compared to all the party girls). We loved just sitting on the hood of her car blasting music while watching the sunset. I also became a part of her family. Not only was she at my house all the time, but I was always at hers having dinner or celebrating finding a new artist to worship. She was ideal. I really wish that I could have another Caitlin. Unfortunately though, She ended up going crazy over a guy. She became infatuated, and when he didn't return the feelings she went into starvation and depression. I tried to cheer her up but all I ended up getting was being patronized and having her lash out on me. Slowly she started to disappear. It wasn't until she wanted to brag to me that she got an autoharp from her class at CSUN for music therapy and I told her that I had just bought mine a month prior that she quickly rushed off the phone, told me to call her tomorrow, and that was the last time I spoke to her.

I tried calling her. Everyday I dialed her number and I did that for two weeks.Sometimes I called her twice to no avail. I was mad at that point. I KNEW her, and i know when she's avoiding someone because i've SEEN her avoid someone, and now she was avoiding me. So I thought, she has my number and if she wants to use it then she'll frickin use it. And that was that.

Since 2008 I haven't had another friend. Luckily, I met Matthew in 2009 and he is my best friend. NOT because I cant have any other friends or because I don't have girl friends, but because he is genuinely a great person and no matter what I would have loved to be his friend. He on the other hand has had unbreakeable friendships with the people he met in elementary. I do envy that sometimes. He's carried his friends all the way over. It wasn't until I got out of high school that I realized how troublesome it is to find a friend. I've really been trying but I don't even know if it can be done... 

HOW HARD DOES IT HAVE TO BE?! I wish I can just go up to someone I like and be like " You want to be my friend?" Old school, you know? Just like in kindergarten. I feel like at my age everyone already has their friends picked out, and there is no room for me. Even though I have come across people that I've met and hung out with, I eventually start to fade away and all to soon I become forgotten. I feel like making friends is sometimes awkward. Its worse than trying to be in a relationship! I don't know how the steps go. Like when is it ok to start calling them? When can you invite them to your house? When should you make your first friend date/hangout sesh? Does anyone know what I mean? Anyhow,This post is me saying out loud of all the things I want as a friend. One that's a GIRL!

You must NOT be psycho! I will accept mental breakdowns but lets keep them to a limit, yes? I want a friend to tell me that I'm AWESOME! In return, since you're my friend, I will tell YOU that you're AWESOME! You must like cool music. Preferably the more unknown that it is, the better. You get extra points for playing a musical instrument. You need not to, but it def is a plus so that we can have a laid back jam sesh. You must not be a bitch. I'll take anyone with sarcasm because I'm very sarcastic, but i do not want someone that is a bitch. Especially if you KNOW you're a bitch. I want someone that's laid back. That would preferably want to just lounge or do calm things ::: take a walk, sit on some grass, go music hunting, ect...  I am definitely not a party person... NOR a clubbing person. I knock out at 11 at the latest so don't expect me to be up all night until 2 am or else you're going to have to drag my body everywhere you go. I don't make drama so I don't want you to make drama. I watch dumb shows for that kind of entertainment. I would like a friend that likes to cook/bake. Also if you like to workout even better!!!!! You need to be a listener. I will listen to you and be your therapist and you will listen to me. Fair? In case we DO go out to a party, I would much appreciate it if you didn't get drunk the first time we go. Its has happened before.. Also please don't get drunk all the time. Sometimes that's ok but I really don't want to be picking up your throw up. I would like someone that doesn't wear a ton of make up. I don't wear alot and i feel like if you wear alot and then I see you with no make up that you'll scare the crap out of me. I would like it if you were witty. I love witty responses just as much as absurd ones. I want someone to hate the same stuff with! I want to make fun of things and not care if we sound mean (we wont be). I want someone to be a little silly with and do dumb things (but not end up in jail) I just want someone to be my friend. 

I don't think I'm asking for alot and don't even care if you have any of these qualities. I just want someone that I can talk to and have fun with. I just want a genuine person that isn't an asshole. After not being successful in making friends I often start to think that maybe I'M not friend material. Maybe? I don't know.

Anyways... This is me just wishing/thinking out loud...

♥ O.