Thursday, July 14, 2011

So You Can Feel Better

Here are some facts about me that can make you feel better about all the weird things about you.

1. Super pregnant ladies scare me. I just feel like they're going to rip open :(. Its only when they have super really protruding bellies like they're carrying a bunch of babies inside that freak me out. Like when Kate Gosseling was pregnant >:(

2. I can't sleep alone. Because when i do i start thinking of scary things and ultimately end up sleeping with the light on. Laugh if you must but really sometimes i just cant do it.

3. When i pray at night i start thinking of death and then go into super freaking out mode.... So i dont pray at night just during the day. I dont know why but whenever i do try to pray at night i just think of dying and disasters and having my loved ones lost and then by the time that i'm done i cant fall asleep.

4. I feel like nobody really likes me. Except for Matt and my family. Maybe its just me as an inconscious fear, but thats how i really feel.

5. Im funniest when im really mean and sarcastic. Which makes me feel mean. Which im not.

6. I get freaked out when i take a shower. I start thinking that maybe an earthquake will happen or something bad like i will faint or have a panic attack and then no one will find me. When this happens i usually just start singing to take my mind off of it.

7. I cant eat yams, sweet potatoes, or pumpkin pie.

8. A part of my finger will never grow back :(.

9. I love to tell people that I love them

10. I always have some wierd alternative scenario playing in my hear. I feel like sometimes I want to imagine the possiblitly of other actions but I cant actually do them. Either that or I imagine some really scary life/death/survival scenario (thanks to having anxiety).

11. when i was in second grade i seriously thought i was going to die from a nosebleed.

12. I went in for a perm. and came out with a fro. :(

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