Friday, January 28, 2011

Song of the Day::: Galaxies - Laura Veirs

(in parentheses) p16

1. Always have a back up plan! Trust me, being prepared is MUCH better than panicking!

2.  Start thinking of a wicked holloween costume! I know its early but i never get mine done because i think of it too late and end up doing nothing. :( So this year.... LETS BE AWESOME!

3. Instead of eating those chips that arent good for you... eat some bell peppers! or... some kind of healthy food that you like. I swear they put crack in junk food or something!

4. Don't you just hate that hair length where its too long to be short or too short to be long?!?!?!?!? I DO!

5. Be MEAN!(but not too mean)..Sometimes you have to be.... just for survival purposes.

6. Stop stressing! its not good for you. ESPECIALLY if you're stressing about weight! then you're just going to gain weight from all the stress! Its cross cancelling! Plus, its just unhealthy for you.

7. Sometimes doing all those things we dont want to, and giving up the things we need to,  make us a better person.

8. I think its always important to tell people that you love them ♥

9. Do your taxes early.... because its not fun doing them the day before and waiting in line for two hours... yep i've done that before...

10. Someone hates you for no reason???? GIVE THAT MOTHERFUCKER A REASON!!!! (VIA)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Are You Listening? p12

1. Zombie- Jay Brannan
2. Big Jet Plane- Angus & Julia Stone
3. My Skin- Natalie Merchant
4. Hitched- Maria Taylor
5. Pull My Heart Away- Jack Penate
6. Almost Lover- A Fine Frenzy
7. Get Up, Get Up, Get Up- Barcelona
8. Bloodstream- Stateless
9. Cold Cold Water- Mirah
10. Nothing Withough You- Vienna Teng


Thursday, January 20, 2011

(in parentheses) p15

For the past two weeks I've been in a horrible state of mind. I've had anxiety from being very angry, from hearing people fight, breaking down about 5 times a day, crying my eyes out and falling apart...

These are some things i realized during my breaking points...

1. I've lost most of my appetite since all of this happened (except for the in-n-out burger last night because i was i was craving something heavy) .. but I'm pretty sure the special k diet works now... probably because you're eating next to nothing

2. Relationships are one of the most complicated things we can go through. But they can also be one of the most rewarding things we can experience.

3. Love is like a game of cards... You have to play what you have... asses the risks, gains, and see if its worth the stake ... but also know when to walk away...

4. Without communication everything will fall apart. You have to be able to speak to each other and understand....and after you understand you have to take action and fix whatever you broke..

5. Love is a give and take... You cant be the only one giving or the only one taking. Its not healthy.If you're the one taking then you're being selfish, if you're the one giving then you're enabling. Find the balance.

6. Don't become a mother.... I don't mean get preggers or anything. I mean don't let the relationship turn you into a mom...

7. I realised its OK to break down. Do it whenever you feel like it. LET IT GO! But when you're calm and empty.... think about the reality of things and make sense of it....

8. If people don't congratulate you for something...forget them

9. When you're in this bad of a condition like i was... you'll get through it... its tough but we'll make it... everyday is a new chance to heal.

10. I was watching House and this lady said something that kinda stuck to me.. " Nothing is worse than being in love with someone who will always disappoint you". 

That made me so sad...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Coachella Line Up 2011

Pretty Sweet... Except for Kanye West..

Song of the Day ::: Hitched- Maria Taylor

once upon a time in a place
far, far away from here
long, long ago, weary eyes
drift past distorted lights
and dream of a love that made you feel more alive
be worth any compromise
a love that would always keep you surprised
and prove to be worth a fight

no more days too long
pretty love songs
you hum as you travel along
this lane, some road
and then you came in to say what your face already told

you said you found her and you
would make her your bride
stand by her till you die
and your tender eyes, they'll glisten with pride
and your smile so satisfied

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dress It Up

1. Miss Selfridge- $70 Rustic Orange Dress

2. Miss Selfridge- $40 Canvas Oxford Lace Up

3.Oasis- $69 Spot Bow Dress

4. Modcloth- $40 Bow Heel

5. Warehouse- $97 Embellished Peter Pan Collar 

6. Steve Madden- $90 Combat Boot

7. Delias-  $50 Vintage Crochet Dress

8. Delias- $34.50 Striped Flat 

9. Topshop- $90 Assymetric Floral Dress

10. Jeffrey Cambell- $99 Cut Out Oxford

11. Oasis- $107 Full Printed Skirt Dress

12. Moxie- $100 Bow Maryjane Flat

Thursday, January 13, 2011

(in parentheses) p14

1. I really wish that there was a manual to my life. That way i can always be prepared for all the shitty things that happen to me.

2. NEVER share mascara! You dont know what the other persons eye carries! Plus it just increases your eye for infections and i dont think you want that....

3. Dont have too much faith in people... they only end up ripping your heart out.

4. Becareful that you're not carrying any sharp items in your bag, because one of these days you're going to hurt yourself...

5. Make sure the apostrophe is in the right place. It makes a difference in us knowing if you're a moron when you  are trying to say you're and say your, Were and we're.

6. Only Natalie Portman looks good with a shaved head.... Its confirmed.

7. When life sucks the fun out of you, You suck the fun out of life.

8. You know its bad when your nightmares start coming true.

9. If you have new years resolutions... good for you! now try and keep them....  If you don't ... even better :)

10. Dont have sex just to please your guy.... they end up jerking themselves off anyways. Efforts are useless.

Song of the Day :::: Destroy Everything You Touch - Ladytron

Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch from Redbird Management on Vimeo.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Are You Listening? p11

Two teddy bears floating in space

1. Black Swan - Thom Yorke
2. Empire of The Sun - We Are The People
3. Window Blues - Lykke Li
4. Eyes on Fire- Blue Foundation
5. Bouquet - Pinback
 6. Three Seed - Silver Spun Pickups
7. It Hurts Me All The Time - Faunts
8. Little Bin - Grand National
9. On and On - Mackintosh Braun
10. My Little Bee- Minipop
11. In Search Of - Miike Snow
Get the Playlist

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Song of the Day ::: Brightest Hour - The Submarines

I think what i love most about the submarines is the back story. John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard were solo artist that were connected by a friend. They became close and ended up in each others bands when they toured Europe. The couple had been together for four years and ended the relationship. Blake Hazard and Dragonetti both shared a recording studio in Dragonetti's home. After the breakup Hazard still went and recorded in Dragonetti's studio. Then they both realized that all the songs they had been recording had been about  each other or how they felt about the breakup. Then they reconciled and became formally The Submarines. The songs that they both recorded became their first album Declare A New State.

Genre::: Indie Rock/Indie Pop/Electronica/Folk

To listen to the whole album of Honeysuckle Weeks ::: Download

(in parentheses) p13

1. Sometimes the greatest things come amongst the crappiest times.

2. Its a NEW YEAR!!! You can do ANYTHING!!!!

3. If you have a dog that you cant control PLEASE take it to a place and train it. You don't know how scary it is thinking that you just might get attacked.

4. Only buy things that you love! That way you don't become a hoarder :(

5. Punching people is NOT the solution.... But it does feel good...

6. Speaking of fights. Don't fight anyone that you KNOW you cant win. You will end up looking like a moron.

7. Hang out with people that you really like/enjoy/are great company. NO company is better than BAD company. Distance yourself from people that could harm/wreck/dramatize your life. YOU DON'T NEED THEM! You're better than that!

8. Revisit some childhood things. You'll be surprised at the food/shows/movies you thought were cool/good. Like i used to like to eat baby formula and then when i was WAY older i tried it again.... and it was GROSS!!! ... but fun.

9.  Find something new that will make you happy! and fill your life with more things like that!!!

10. Don't wear yellow nail polish. ... just ... don't.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Song of the Day ::: When I'm Small - Phantogram

 I love the drive of this song. Phantogram with keyboardist Sarah Barthel and Guitarist Joshua Carter. They're known for the new genre "street beat psyche pop".

Similarities : Metric, Massive Attack, Sonic Youth

From the album Eyelid Movies

Its a great sound to listen to
To hear the complete album ::: Download

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Song of the Day ::: David Bazan - I Never Wanted You

 love this song.... its so heartbreaking

Here is the rest of his album Headphones :::  Download

Pretty in Pink

1. Elizabeth & James - $132 Tokyo Chiffon Blouse

3. Steven Alan- $180 Flower Silk and Cotton Blouse

4. Diane Von Furstenberg- $285 Black Lace Short
{Steal = Forever 21- $15.80 Pink Lace Short}

5. Modcloth- $14.99 Fabulous Mr.Fox Earrings

6. Topshop- $135 - Brown Leather Ruched Short

7. Miss Selfridge- $23 Pink Pintuck Dress

8. Dear Fieldbinder- $92 Bow Maryjane

9. Betsey Johnson - $30 Flower Studs

10. Asos Tobago- $77.58 Lace and Bow Shoe Boot
11. Kendra Scott- $60 Rose Quartz Earrings

12. Sonia Rykiel- $450 Silk Crepe Chine Pants

13. Blu Bijoux- $42 Art Deco Cuff

And The News IS...

I thought that maybe i should share this....

Well on new years my boyfriend and i decided to spend the new year together....



It was so sweet :). I'm so happy!

So,  now my mind is a mess. I'm thinking of work, thinking of the new year and all the things i would like to improve on, thinking of new posts and things i need to do for my blog... and now.... think of wedding things.

I'm basically going crazy...

I'll be posting things up that i think are nice or just things i find and maybe you'll join me in the process :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ramen Nippon

    I had a lovely break from work.
    One of the places that i went to was Ramen Nippon.
    They had the best Ramen EVA!!!!!!
    TOTALLY go there if you could :)
    I had Shoyu Ramen above ^
    AND.... the fried rice was amazing!!!!

6900 Reseda Blvd
Reseda, CA 91335
Neighborhood: Reseda
(818) 345-5946


Let The Blogging Begin!!!!!!


So for the past week and some days i've been out on vacation. It was really nice to have some time to relax and go a day without thinking of work :), but now i'm back. I have some new post and news to share!

its good to be back,
♥ O