Thursday, January 13, 2011

(in parentheses) p14

1. I really wish that there was a manual to my life. That way i can always be prepared for all the shitty things that happen to me.

2. NEVER share mascara! You dont know what the other persons eye carries! Plus it just increases your eye for infections and i dont think you want that....

3. Dont have too much faith in people... they only end up ripping your heart out.

4. Becareful that you're not carrying any sharp items in your bag, because one of these days you're going to hurt yourself...

5. Make sure the apostrophe is in the right place. It makes a difference in us knowing if you're a moron when you  are trying to say you're and say your, Were and we're.

6. Only Natalie Portman looks good with a shaved head.... Its confirmed.

7. When life sucks the fun out of you, You suck the fun out of life.

8. You know its bad when your nightmares start coming true.

9. If you have new years resolutions... good for you! now try and keep them....  If you don't ... even better :)

10. Dont have sex just to please your guy.... they end up jerking themselves off anyways. Efforts are useless.

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