Thursday, February 24, 2011

(in parentheses) p20

1. NOTHING is for free.... whoever says otherwise is majorly lying!

2. Get a good nights sleep... always... Just so you don't act like a crackhead the next morning.    
or week.

3. When you find that perfect nail color/lipstick/eyeshadow/whatevs .... Buy MULTIPLES! Trust me you'll be sad once you run out and they don't carry it anymore....

4. A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen.

5. NEVER put plastic things on a stove.... It should be obvious but  ...  i know people.

6. Its crazy when you see a car accident JUST happen.

7. Don't forget to BREATHE!

8. Its ok to be sad. You don't have to be happy all the time. Its good to get things out clear yourself from those feelings.

9.  PLEEAAAAASSSE don't dumb yourself down.

10. When applying super glue to something, make sure that none of your fingers/palms/face/anything is touching it.... i just had to go through with ripping my finger off some work part. :[

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wishing For Warmer Weather

As much as i enjoy the cold chilly weather, I really miss the warmth of the sun. I've bought several pieces such as a flowy floral jumper and a nude rose dress that i'm dying to wear. I'm also craving to wear my new pancake sunglasses! Everytime that i go shopping for sweaters or something to keep me warm  I end up gravitating to summery clothing..... I can dream can't I?

1. Steve Madden- $70 Gladiator Sandal

2. Topshop- $45 Rose Matlot Shorts

3. Tilly's- $23 Floral Romper

4. Topshop- $78 Pom Pom Trim Shift Dress

6. American Vintage- $60 Granite Waisted Tank

7. Karen Walker- $210 Cat Eye Lenses

8. Topshop- $60 Nude Blossom Floral

9. Topshop- $28 Large Flower Headband

10. Wildfox- $59 I Need Coffee Tank

11. Modcloth- $38 Carry Your Love Bag

12. Jeffrey Campbell- $164.95 She-Man Wedge

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

Thursday, February 17, 2011


1. Ruche- $33 Long Floral Skirt

2. Topshop- $50 Tan Floral Gloves

3. Delias- $34.50 Chiffon Tank

4. Sephora- $34 Flower Kabuki Brush Set

5. Rare- $42 Flowy Floral Shorts

6. Kimichi Blue- $38 Floral Camera Pouch

7. Angel Eye- $23 Floral Dress

8. Aldo- $12 Floral Sunglasses

9. Dorothy Perkins- $44 Multi Floral Net Hem Dress

10. Forever 21- $1.50 Rosette Charm Earring Set

11. Forever 21- $22.80 Floral Cone Heels

12. Dorothy Perkins- $32 Black Floral Shorts

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

(in parentheses) p19

1. You cant be cool without a pair of bad ass sunglasses! And if you dont have a pair you should TOTALLY get some! YEAH!

2. Step back and take the time to realize when you are being an inconsiderate bitch. It happens to everyone... so don't feel bad. That way you can better yourself and not keep being known for that.

3. Definitely go to the gym! Not ONLY will it make your health better but you're making yourself happy. Exercise = Endorphins. Endorphins = happy.

4. If you don't have to wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning.... You. Are. SO. Lucky.

5. Be my friend on FB.... Look on the side >>>>>>>>>>>>>

6. Buying valentines day candy after valentines or any holiday is the best! because its soooo darn cheap!!!!

7. Everyone can be a really good cook. It just takes practice and dedication. Get a recipe index card holder or something like that and write down things you'd like to try. :) You'll be the best in no time!

8. Don't go to prison! Its scary in there! Have you seen the show Beyond Scared Straight?

9. Always sneeze into your arm. It really helps minimize the germs from spreading.

10. Once you know what burning flesh smells like you will forever hate (even more) going to the dentist :[

Monday, February 14, 2011

Are You Listening? p14

fuckyeahbokeh:mockhare:“Rene & Radka” (4) via cgunit

1.Hiding/Fading- Ms. John Soda
2. Kanon- Enon
3. Backside Grind 2- Plan B
4. The Girl And The Sea- The Presets
5. Vanished- Crystal Castles
6. Black Cherry- Goldfrapp
7. My Chest Is Empty- Oliver North Boy Choir
8. As The Rush Comes- Motorcycle
9. Be Still- Kaskade
10. Break Your Control- Miss FD
11. Now Is The Only Time I Know- Fever Ray
12. Everything Is Ok - Halou

♥ Happy Valentines Day ♥

The Thought of Me Kissing You by =ahermin on deviantART

I hope that everyone has a great Valentines Day. :) 

Love everyone you can! This day isn't really about couples or anything... SURE it might be something that they made up so we can spend our money on flowers and such but .... its still nice to love...

So just love SOMEONE!

Love your Mom
Love your Dad
Love your Brothers and Sisters
Love your Friends
Love Yourself.
So don't stop loving after today.

Make everyday a day filled with LOVE.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

(in parentheses) P18

IMG_3129 / Lena.F

1. If you feel like dancing... go on and dance! Even if its inside a supermarket. HAVE FUN!

2. You can totally pick out the douchebag in your class. I'm just sayin'.

3. Please never buy those pajama jeans. Have the decency/integrity to wear REAL pants!

4. Don't ever think that you can save the world. It wont happen BUT you can make it better. If you don't keep your eyes open you'll be very disappointed on what reality really is.

5. Have Popsicles instead of ice cream. They're just as good. Just no dairy.

6. If you're ambidextrous then you're automatically awesome!

7. Always keep a notepad (or something that you can take notes in) with you at all times! You'll never know when a moment of inspiration hits or you have to write down things to buy without forgetting later.

8. If you don't have a notepad and you like to write then make sure you buy a really cute one!

9. If your favorite animal is a dolphin, then there is something wrong with you. JK ... but really??? Dolphins??

10. You are worth everything. Time will pass and so will the situations around you. Just take it day by day and I promise things will get better. I ♥ You.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Intimately Yours

1. Topshop- $60 Berry Teddy

2. Michael Kors- $65- $80 Very Hollywood

3. Jessica Simpson- $18 ea.  Vintage Glamour

5. Jessica Simpson- $60 Vivienne Corset Top Teddy

6. Mimi Holliday- $135  Je T'aime Print Slip

7. Dior- $64-$85 Miss Dior Cherie

8.a. Debenhams- $38 Poison Ivy Bra

8.b. Debenhams- $15 Poison Ivy Panty

9. Marc Jacobs- $70-$85 Daisy by Marc Jacobs

10. Topshop- $55 Lace Frou Frou Corset

11. Katy Perry- $45-$65 Purr by Katy Perry

12. Mark Fast- $47 High Top Knickers

13. Hanky Panky- $54 Black Retro Bralette

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gianna's Sanded Heart Shaped Cookies

EAT THEM!!!!!!

Available at a Wholefoods near YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

♥ Trust me, They'll be perfect for valentines day ♥

Friday, February 4, 2011

Are You Listening? P13

♥, by i.Anton (ianton) @ Flickr

1. Let Your Love Grow Tall- Passion Pit
2. Fences- Pheonix
3. Feel The Love- Cut Copy
4. An Honest Mistake- The Bravery
5. Beauties Never Die- Sissy Wish
6. Love Lost- Temper Trap
7. I Turn My Camera On- Rock Kills Kid
8. Living In America- Dom
9. So This Is Goodbye- William Fitzsimmons
10. Soon It Will Be Cold Enough To Build Fires- Emancipator
11. The Persuaded- Faded Paper Figures


Thursday, February 3, 2011

(in parentheses) p17

1. Clean your bowl after you eat some cereal. Don't be lazy and have the gunk harden up!  I hate cleaning up that shiz...

2. Buy some Gianna's Heart Sanded Cookies from wholefoods!!!! they're sooo cute!

3. If you have a diary.... and you're mentioning all the crazy things you did this year..... MAKE SURE YOU HIDE IT!!!! because .... i will find it..... well I'm sure somebody will.........

4. Do what you gotta do.... 

5. Little surprises make everyones day! So if you feel extra nice... just give a nice little surprise to someone. Like a ziploc bag full of lucky charms.... :)

6. Actions DO speak louder than words.... so watch yourself and what you reflect.

7. Practice your times tables, because you don't want to look dumb when someone asks you whats 8 x 7.

8. I really do believe that if you hit your head multiple times as a child....  it might have some consequences later.

9. I always wonder what reaction i would get when a stranger asks "How is your day going?" and you reply...  "HORRIBLE!"

10. I know In-n-Out is freakin good...... but the 1000 calories per meal isn't...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Song of the Day ::: Love Lost- The Temper Trap

 Download this song in my upcoming Are You Listening? P13

Neutrally In Love

1. Miss Selfridge- $68 Tan Oxford

2. Dominic  Jones- $130 Rose Gold Tooth Ring

3. Ruche- $54.99 Poodle Oxford

4. Woolrich- $49 Brown Corduroy Pants

5. Miss Selfridge- $45 Lace Back Shirt

6. France Luxe- $18-$24 Double Loop Silk Headband

8. Steve Madden- $50 Carrysa Pump

9. Alexander Wang- $96 Variegated Rib Tank

11. Mimco- $35 Art Deco Hair Comb

12.Dorothy Perkins- $45 Navy Paperbag Pants

13. Costume National- $105 Mineral Stone Ring

14. 15. Stila- $24 ea. Mangocrush & Yummyberry Lipstains

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

♥ Heartbreaker ♥

1. Delia's- $49.50 Bubble Chiffon Dress

2. Jeffrey Campbell- $164.95 Mary Fur Wedge

3. Harajuku Lovers- $31 Candy Girls Heart Ring

4. Smoothie- $36.10 Coral Buckle Canvas Bag

6. Fantasy Jewelry Box- $20 Pink Enamel Heart Studs

7. Dorothy Perkins- $39 Swallow Bow Blouse

8. Wildfox- $129 Je T'aime Sweater

9. Topshop- $170 Scalloped Pink Skirt

10 Forever 21- $2.50 Flower Hair Clips

14. Topshop- $110 Coral Leather Lock Bag

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver