Monday, August 22, 2011

(in parentheses) P42

Just me, no one else

1. Manicures don't last forever. We can wish it , but it wont come true.

2. When you're phone adds 21 after you type in forever.... then that means that you have a serious problem... just like I do.

3. Having someone tell you stories about alien abductions before you go to sleep is not cool! :(

4. It really sucks when you're away from your job for a week and when you come back all the work is still sitting on your desk because people cant do a damn thing for you or themselves.

5. On that note ::: Try to find a job that will appreciate your work and treat you well. You deserve it ♥

6. Don't steal other peoples tupperware?! WHO DOES THAT!?  "Oh, hey, here is some tupperware. I think I'll take it home even thought its not mine." .... REALLY?!

7. Nutella Marshmallow Empanada. That's all I need to say.....

8. Everything  looks cuter with a bow! Even YOU!

9. Searching everywhere for one thing and having someone find it in two seconds is really embarrassing because they leave you looking like a moron :(

10. Everybody has problems and everyone is messed up in some way. So we're all in it together.

Song of the Day ::: Untied - The One AM Radio

Song of the Day ::: Teardrop (Massive Attack Cover) - Jose Gonzalez

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Old Lady, Young Soul

If I had money this is probably what I would buy today.... I'm lying, I would actually
buy a whole lot more! I love these pieces because its something old
in a relatively new style. Not exactly vintage, but it has the feel. I love wearing clothes that
have an old-timey feel. I love the House of Harlow sunglasses! AND those
totally cute owl earrings! ♥ ♥ ♥
If only it was my birthday....

1. House Of Harlow- $149 Chain Sunglasses

3. Topshop- $60 Polka Dot Dress

5. ASOS- $26  Contrast Handle Bag

6. Sigerson Morrison- $195 Peak Shoe

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

Monday, August 15, 2011

Song of the Day ::: True Believer - Dragonette

 Does anyone wear pants anymore??? lol. I had this song stuck in my head forever so I thought I would post it ♥

Friday, August 12, 2011

(in parentheses) P41

Untitled / Nishe

1. Its probably  time to actually get an alarm clock, after the third time that your phone fails to wake you up in one week. Thankfully, I have sleeping problems so I woke up and then panicked.

2. You can either be a cheap-o and not  buy new mascara and just add water so it doesnt clump OR you can pay for the medicine you will need when you get that eye infection. Just buy the new mascara!!!

3. What's worse/more awkward? Trying to make eye contact or trying to avoid eye contact? I have the answer! Both! So just put on sunglasses! :)

4. I HATE  wanting to cut my hair!!!! Its SOOOOOOOO tempting!!!!!!!

5.  YOU  wear what YOU want to wear!!!!

6. Remember  ladies... "The eyes are the nipples of the face..." God I love that movie.

7. There is something seriously wrong when a girl uses just one pencil to be her eyeliner, lipliner, and eyebrow pencil.

8. If you havent already tried boba I suggest that you get into your mode of transportation and head over to any place that sells boba.... and then you'll be addicted. ♥

9. Sometimes having enabling friends is the best. Shopping enabling friends, good. Druggie enabling friends, BAD!!!!! You are too  good for drugs! And get some new friends!!!

10. Having facebook notifications sent to your email is horrible.... Especially  when you dont know how to turn them off!!!! :(


Song of the Day ::: July Flame - Laura Veirs

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Instagram & Oversized Photos


Im not a very good picture person. I've only owned a camera one time and that was broken by one of my sisters approximately 2 months after i bought it. Although I love photography I'm not the first person to whip out a camera or my cell phone. Also, we never really had pictures in our home when I was a child.... actually still to this day. They sit in some metal case somewhere in the depths of my moms closet.

This seemed like a great idea though. I love how you can have just random pictures all in one place. Since I now share a new life as a married person I would actually like to do things as we become our own family. Although I wouldnt make an instagram this big I still love the idea and I am going to attempt at making one :). I love how all the pictures are small so they want to lure you in and take the time to actually look at them to see what they are! I also love blown up pictures on canvases lol. I'm either going for big or small! NEVER medium. Anyways.... So here I go.... I'll try to take some pics ♥


Thankyou for inspiring me Because I'm Addicted

Song of the Day ::: Move You - Anya Marina

Monday, August 8, 2011

Outfit Of The Day:: Hearts ♥ Hearts

This will totally be something that I would wear. I think from previous
posts that you know I like anything with a bow and cute things with hearts or anything
that can make me look cute! :) I wish I could have ANY of these items.
I especially love the scalloped shoes ♥

1. Tilly's- $5 Netted Hair Bows

3. Rachel Roy- $22 Heart Stud

4. Topshop- $90 Sequined Heart Sweater

5. Miss Selfridge- $50 Navy Paperbag Shorts

6. Suzy Smith- $38 Velvet Charm Bag

7. Topshop- $56 Scalloped Flats

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

Song of they Day ::: Sprout And The Bean - Joanna Newsome

Friday, August 5, 2011

Song of the Day ::: Welcome Home - Radical Face

Wild For You

I don't own alot animal print things, but that doesn't mean that I don't like it. I think
that in my whole closet I have one shirt and thats it. These are a couple of 
pieces that I like. Both in the tribal/aztec way AND in the 
animal print selection. This I think would look nice just to lounge
around in when going somewhere where you dont
have to be all dressed up.
1. Buckle - $21 Aztec Henley Tank

2. River Island- $22 Turquoise Agate Ring

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs- $50 Predator Hair Clip
4. Topshop- $70 Jade Animal Print Shorts

5. PacSun- $10 Feather Hair Clip

6. Miss Selfridge- $74 Black & Creme Cardigan

7. Lucky Brand- $35 Peacock Earrings

8. Tilly's- $25 Wolf Tee

9. Topshop- $60 Scalloped Jean Shorts

10. Miss Selfridge- $41 Animal Print Vest

11. All Saints- $40 Godiva Tee

12. Betsey Johnson- $130 Leopard Heel

13. Naughty Monkey- $85 Woven Sandal

14. ModeKungen- $64 Leopard Shorts

(Steve Madden- $90 Leather Sandal)
Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

Thursday, August 4, 2011

(in parentheses) P40

.8925 / annette pehrsson

1. I always feel like if you want something bad enough and you're sending out the signals to the universe then something will happen. But we have to be realistic here ladies.... no wishing we were princesses or something :).  Also, even though what you wish for something to happen, sometimes you have to help yourself get there and do SOME  of the work!

2. Working at a mall that has Forever 21 in it is the worst. BECAUSE  you just end up spending your money there every lunch break you get!

3. If you flirt with EVERY guy on this planet and then end up really liking one guy, then he is not even going to know you like him because he is just going to believe that its you being you. He's just going to think that he's not special.

4. Why  must we sacrifice??? Why  cant we just have it all?!

5. Health starts from within. BUT within you is you. If you're happy and mentally healthy then you're body will have less stress/any problem and therefore you will be a healthier person.

6. NEVER assume people cant see through your windows! If you're in your car and you feel like your windows are dark enough or that they are magical... You're WRONG! We can see you. Yep, We see you picking your nose! D:>

7. It is a very  real possibility that you can hit your pinky toe on something and almost rip out the whole nail :(

8. Moving into a new place is really exiting! Except if you find out that the place is haunted!

9. On that note : Ghosts and Spirits are real. No.... Don't fight it. Shhhhhhhh. ..... They're real.

10. It is NEVER too late OR  early to buy someone a birthday present :)))))

Song of the Day ::: Succexy - Metric

Monday, August 1, 2011

Outfit For The Day

If I was rich for the day... (or at least had more money to spend on clothing)... Then this is
what I would purchase/wear today. I love this skirt and the sunglasses!
 I would love those Aldo shoes as well. This outfit feels like those outfits
where nothing really fits but in some
way it totally goes together. ♥

1. Mango- $37 Cats Eye Sunglasses

3. Topshop- $66 Creme Top

4. Rachel Roy- $41 Feather Cuff

5. Coast London- $188 Tressi Full Skirt

6. Aldo- $100 Calvani Wedge

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

Song of the Day ::: Run - The Forest And The Trees