Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Instagram & Oversized Photos


Im not a very good picture person. I've only owned a camera one time and that was broken by one of my sisters approximately 2 months after i bought it. Although I love photography I'm not the first person to whip out a camera or my cell phone. Also, we never really had pictures in our home when I was a child.... actually still to this day. They sit in some metal case somewhere in the depths of my moms closet.

This seemed like a great idea though. I love how you can have just random pictures all in one place. Since I now share a new life as a married person I would actually like to do things as we become our own family. Although I wouldnt make an instagram this big I still love the idea and I am going to attempt at making one :). I love how all the pictures are small so they want to lure you in and take the time to actually look at them to see what they are! I also love blown up pictures on canvases lol. I'm either going for big or small! NEVER medium. Anyways.... So here I go.... I'll try to take some pics ♥


Thankyou for inspiring me Because I'm Addicted

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