Monday, August 22, 2011

(in parentheses) P42

Just me, no one else

1. Manicures don't last forever. We can wish it , but it wont come true.

2. When you're phone adds 21 after you type in forever.... then that means that you have a serious problem... just like I do.

3. Having someone tell you stories about alien abductions before you go to sleep is not cool! :(

4. It really sucks when you're away from your job for a week and when you come back all the work is still sitting on your desk because people cant do a damn thing for you or themselves.

5. On that note ::: Try to find a job that will appreciate your work and treat you well. You deserve it ♥

6. Don't steal other peoples tupperware?! WHO DOES THAT!?  "Oh, hey, here is some tupperware. I think I'll take it home even thought its not mine." .... REALLY?!

7. Nutella Marshmallow Empanada. That's all I need to say.....

8. Everything  looks cuter with a bow! Even YOU!

9. Searching everywhere for one thing and having someone find it in two seconds is really embarrassing because they leave you looking like a moron :(

10. Everybody has problems and everyone is messed up in some way. So we're all in it together.

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