Monday, August 8, 2011

Outfit Of The Day:: Hearts ♥ Hearts

This will totally be something that I would wear. I think from previous
posts that you know I like anything with a bow and cute things with hearts or anything
that can make me look cute! :) I wish I could have ANY of these items.
I especially love the scalloped shoes ♥

1. Tilly's- $5 Netted Hair Bows

3. Rachel Roy- $22 Heart Stud

4. Topshop- $90 Sequined Heart Sweater

5. Miss Selfridge- $50 Navy Paperbag Shorts

6. Suzy Smith- $38 Velvet Charm Bag

7. Topshop- $56 Scalloped Flats

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

1 comment:

  1. I thought the shorts was a skirt.
    The shoes look great! This would be something i would buy to!