Monday, March 28, 2011

(in parentheses) P24

Unconfined Aspirations

1. If you had a bad feeling that something bad is going to happen, and then something does happen, you cant really help but to say i told you so...

2. When you want to make someone feel special and happy, flowers are always a wonderful gesture. If you dont want to give cut flowers then just give a nice tiny pot :)

3. I TOTALLY wish i could have pink hair!!!!!!

4. If someone breaks your scissors, you break their jaw! jk.... no not really

5. You should totally buy a super rad shade of lipstick! It'll make you feel awesome!!!!!

6. Never settle for anything less than what you really want.

 7. Inhaling paint thinner for 2 whole days is NEVER healthy for you. So please dont do it!

8. Becareful when you're cooking. You dont want to burn yourself or have oil splatter all over your hands and make them hurt :( ouchies....

9. If you ever want to play WordsWithFriends with me... look me up @ ifiwasasong. I love to play!

10. I hope you brush your teeth at least once a day... because i knew a girl who sometimes would go a WHOLE week withought brushing... and it would make me sick when she wanted to eat some of my food.

Song of the Day ::: Heavy In Your Arms - Florence + The Machine

I am  So SO SOrry that i havent been posting. I pormise that i will soon put more posts. Between Midterms and the whole wedding thing and trying to get everything together, plus work is Uber busy its been really hard to post. BUT stay with me this week because i have good things coming!!!!!!!!

Love you, XOXO

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring into Spring

 Spring is the best time to wear bold colors and bold pieces. Spring and summer have
to be my new favorite seasons just for the color. I love color that pops!
 I recently bought the MAC lipstick in a matte Chaud and i
swear i want to wear it every day!
These are a couple of pieces that i love and totally wish
that i could have in my wardrobe!

2. All Black- $125 Sequin Flat

3. Miss Selfridge- $74 Printed Big Sleeve Dress

4. Forever 21- $23 Peeptoe Leatherette Shoe

5. Miss Selfridge- $36 Ochre Cable Top

6. Forever 21- $5.80 Marble Rose Ring

7. Topshop- $28 Cream Woven Lock Purse

8. Van Mildert- $40 Bow Grey Shorts

9. Low Luv- $67 Erin Wasson Boulder Ring

10. Topshop- $42 Flower Applique Swing Top

11. Raw Bags- $49 Bamboo Clutch

12. MAC- $14 Chaud Lipstick

13. La Regale- $38 Beaded Shell Clutch

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

Thursday, March 17, 2011

(in parentheses) P23

By: Rodney Smith / Kelli Jo.

1. If you have the opportunity to skip out on work, i would totally take it and chillax! Sometimes, the weekends just aren't enough.

2. Download the Words With Friends app! and play scrabble with your other friends.... I'M SOOO ADDICTED!!!

3. If someone you are close to really likes something, and you don't like it so much.... DON'T SAY ANYTHING! (Especially if its something for their wedding {like what my mom is doing to me}) Don't be the bubble burster and make them feel bad! Unless it is truly hideous and you are really saving them.

4. Wholefoods has the best healthy snacks! Banana chips, yogurt covered pretzels, yogurt covered peanuts, granola, trail mix, dried fruit!!! SO EAT IT!!!

5. PUSH YOURSELF!!!!!! You would be very surprised at what you are capable of doing!

6. If people can do things for themselves then its not your fault if shit doesn't get done.

7. If you're boiling something, maybe its not a good idea to step away from the stove. Yesterday, something completely overflowed and there was a mess EVERYWHERE!

8. Go with your gut feeling! Its almost always right!

9. Write that really important essay! Don't procrastinate!

10. Don't forget that I ♥ You.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Please Help Japan....

I hope that everybody can do their best helping out Japan. It devastates me to know that so many people are in much need for assistance. If you can PLEASE text REDCROSS to 90999 to give a $10 minimum donation OR.. Go HERE to the Redcross Website and put in a donation of any amount you choose. Lady Gaga is also making an Earthquake Relief Fund where you can purchase a We Pray For Japan Bracelet for $5 where ALL the proceeds will go to Japan. PLEASE HELP. Its heartbreaking whenever something of this magnitude happens to another country and i think that if we can all do a little something then at least it gives a tiny bit of comfort knowing that they're getting all the help they can...

                                                          ♥ Keep them in your prayers ♥

Monday, March 14, 2011

Are You Listening? P16

retros / Little Teaser LOL

1. We Talk Like Machines- Savoir Adore
2. Dear Miami- Roisin Murphy
3. Digitalism- Pogo
4. Heartbreaker- Mstrkrft
5. What Else Is There- Rayksopp
6. You're A Wolf- Sea Wolf
7. West Coast- Coconut Records
8. Generator- Minipop
9. East-Systems Officer
10. Dull To Pause- Junior Boys
11. Mouthfull Of Diamonds- Phantogram
12. In My Chest- Now Now Every Children
13. Quicksand- La Roux


Thursday, March 10, 2011

(in parentheses) P22

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1. I think that it's important, in some instances, to believe that no matter what you do... somebody probably did or could do a worse job.

2. What should you do when your hair is crazy and out of control???? I don't know... because my hair is almost always like that....

3. DRINK SOME HORCHATA!!!!!!!! It is AMAZING! YAY!!!!!!!

4. Have you ever had anything that tasted amazing ... BEFORE you put it in your mouth?! Its quiet an experience!

5. If that nasty cut is red and swollen ... Put some Neosporin... Hey that rhymed. .. but seriously, you don't want it to get even MORE nasty!

6. Don't put your feet on the dashboard of the car!!!!! I feel like when you get into an accident you are going to break your femur/hip/SOMETHING!!!! It drives me CRAZY!

7. For those of you who don't know... If you're going to put money into your saving and then keep taking it out and you do that for more than 6 times... They WILL charge you 10.00 for every withdrawal that you make after the 5th one. Thats at ANY bank. So i suggest don't transfer your monies... OR keep it in your checking...

8. Not knowing what you say or DO at night is creepy thought.

9. If YOU lost something... how do you expect anyone else to know where you put it ???????

10. OMG..... CHICKEN WINGS.......

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cut My Heart Out

I absolutely love anything that has a cut out!
 I actually have the skimmers from Kimchi Blue and they are the best! I know that the
pants dont really have cutouts but i still liked them and they would be great 
  to pair them with a nice cut out shirt. All these things are fun and flirty without showing
a great deal of skin. :) I think they're also going to be great
during this coming spring and summer!!!!

1. Miss Selfridge-$73 Wide Leg Belted Trouser

2. Topshop- $20 Abstract Ring

3. Ruche- $40 Cut Out Skirt

4. Miss Selfridge- $62 High Waisted Slouchy Pant

5. Kimchi Blue- $34 Laser Cut Peep Toe Skimmer

6. Preen Line- $460 Metallic Knitted Sweater

8. Modcloth- $50 Glovettes

9. Aldo- $110 Krone Color Shoe

10. Nasty Gal- $140 I Heart Cut Out Dress

11. Marc By Marc Jacobs- $38 Daisy Cut Out Earrings

12. LNA- $45 Fishbone Cut Shirt

13. Messeca Colbee- $169 Heel Cut Wedge

14 Delias- $40 Pointelle Cardigan

15. Tarnish- $32 Tarnish Bracelet

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

Friday, March 4, 2011

Are You Listening? p15

1. Gettysburg - Ratatat
2. You Were The Last High - The Dandy Warhols
3.  Cars - Now, Now Every Children
4. Reptilla - The Strokes
5. Broken In All The Right Places- I Am Jen
6. Young Folks- Peter Bjorn And John
7. Mouthfull Of Diamonds- Phantogram
8. Night Time- XX
9. Between Us And Them- Moving Units
10. New Year- The Go Find
11. My Only Swerving- El Ten Eleven
12. The Pulse- The Magic Numbers

Download HERE

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mixed Feelings

I really like this idea of mixing hard pieces along with soft feminine pieces.
I love it when girls wear a nice coat and dress with a good pair of combat boots. OR when they
 pair really soft flowery girly shirts/skirts/and shorts with hard jewelry. This is actually something 
that i do very often. I'll make sure to wear something soft with
a huge hard ring/shoes or sunglasses. Its the best of both worlds. Here
 are both strong and soft pieces that you can mix and match :)

1. Miss Selfridge- $80 Grey Bow Coat

2. Modcloth- $15 Bow Charm Cuff

3. Delias- $20 Printed Hanky Hem Tank

4. Tilly's- $15 Stripe Crop Shirt

5. Topshop- $180 Peach Coat

7. Charlotte Russe- $40 Combat Boot

8. Fossil- $36 Bee Ring

9. Rue 21- $22 Black Belted Skirt

10. Miss Selfridge- $52 Knitted Cape

11. Topshop- $70 Red Waterfall Short

12. Topshop- $50 Scallop Button Shirt

13. Victoria's Secret- $69 Lace Up Boot

14. Miss Selfridge- $52 Rust Soft Shorts

15. Asos- $27 Armour Cuff

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

(in parentheses) P21


1. If you have a balloon ALWAYS breathe in the helium. But don't do it too often because i don't know if there are any long term/permanent damages.

2. Watch your fingers when you are cutting things in the kitchen!!!... or in any risky finger operations! I almost had a close call the other day!

3. Get a new beanie!

4. Sometimes when you set your alarm 5 minuets earlier than usual, doesn't really matter because you wont get up.

5.  Don't use Crest mouthwash! It totally starts to turn your teeth brown! NOOOO!!!!!!

6. Rest is the best medicine. So if you're sick be sure to get plenty of rest.

7. When we grow lets not wear yucky things that we probably shouldn't be wearing or look ridiculous in...

8. Taking naps during the day is the BEST! ESPECIALLY if you're as exhausted as i am.

9. Have you ever looked at your feet and thought you were missing a toe or had an extra one?!?!?! that happens to me all the time!

10. Meagan from Face Off should have totally gone home yesterday! That Bitch. Who's with me!!!????

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Song of the Day ::: Broken In All The Right Places - I Am Jen

I am REALLY SORRY about lacking on the post. ... I've been getting caught up in work and after that school.... I'll be sure to be posting alot more this month, because last month sucked! yeah i know...


I love you,
~ O