Thursday, March 3, 2011

(in parentheses) P21


1. If you have a balloon ALWAYS breathe in the helium. But don't do it too often because i don't know if there are any long term/permanent damages.

2. Watch your fingers when you are cutting things in the kitchen!!!... or in any risky finger operations! I almost had a close call the other day!

3. Get a new beanie!

4. Sometimes when you set your alarm 5 minuets earlier than usual, doesn't really matter because you wont get up.

5.  Don't use Crest mouthwash! It totally starts to turn your teeth brown! NOOOO!!!!!!

6. Rest is the best medicine. So if you're sick be sure to get plenty of rest.

7. When we grow lets not wear yucky things that we probably shouldn't be wearing or look ridiculous in...

8. Taking naps during the day is the BEST! ESPECIALLY if you're as exhausted as i am.

9. Have you ever looked at your feet and thought you were missing a toe or had an extra one?!?!?! that happens to me all the time!

10. Meagan from Face Off should have totally gone home yesterday! That Bitch. Who's with me!!!????

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