Thursday, March 10, 2011

(in parentheses) P22

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1. I think that it's important, in some instances, to believe that no matter what you do... somebody probably did or could do a worse job.

2. What should you do when your hair is crazy and out of control???? I don't know... because my hair is almost always like that....

3. DRINK SOME HORCHATA!!!!!!!! It is AMAZING! YAY!!!!!!!

4. Have you ever had anything that tasted amazing ... BEFORE you put it in your mouth?! Its quiet an experience!

5. If that nasty cut is red and swollen ... Put some Neosporin... Hey that rhymed. .. but seriously, you don't want it to get even MORE nasty!

6. Don't put your feet on the dashboard of the car!!!!! I feel like when you get into an accident you are going to break your femur/hip/SOMETHING!!!! It drives me CRAZY!

7. For those of you who don't know... If you're going to put money into your saving and then keep taking it out and you do that for more than 6 times... They WILL charge you 10.00 for every withdrawal that you make after the 5th one. Thats at ANY bank. So i suggest don't transfer your monies... OR keep it in your checking...

8. Not knowing what you say or DO at night is creepy thought.

9. If YOU lost something... how do you expect anyone else to know where you put it ???????

10. OMG..... CHICKEN WINGS.......

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