Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Old Lady, Young Soul

If I had money this is probably what I would buy today.... I'm lying, I would actually
buy a whole lot more! I love these pieces because its something old
in a relatively new style. Not exactly vintage, but it has the feel. I love wearing clothes that
have an old-timey feel. I love the House of Harlow sunglasses! AND those
totally cute owl earrings! ♥ ♥ ♥
If only it was my birthday....

1. House Of Harlow- $149 Chain Sunglasses

3. Topshop- $60 Polka Dot Dress

5. ASOS- $26  Contrast Handle Bag

6. Sigerson Morrison- $195 Peak Shoe

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver


  1. Lol who doesn't wish a gigantic number on their bank account??!! I like the colours of the bag.. totally something that would fit into my closet!! ;)

  2. :) I know! Im glad you liked the bah I really liked the colors :)