Thursday, August 4, 2011

(in parentheses) P40

.8925 / annette pehrsson

1. I always feel like if you want something bad enough and you're sending out the signals to the universe then something will happen. But we have to be realistic here ladies.... no wishing we were princesses or something :).  Also, even though what you wish for something to happen, sometimes you have to help yourself get there and do SOME  of the work!

2. Working at a mall that has Forever 21 in it is the worst. BECAUSE  you just end up spending your money there every lunch break you get!

3. If you flirt with EVERY guy on this planet and then end up really liking one guy, then he is not even going to know you like him because he is just going to believe that its you being you. He's just going to think that he's not special.

4. Why  must we sacrifice??? Why  cant we just have it all?!

5. Health starts from within. BUT within you is you. If you're happy and mentally healthy then you're body will have less stress/any problem and therefore you will be a healthier person.

6. NEVER assume people cant see through your windows! If you're in your car and you feel like your windows are dark enough or that they are magical... You're WRONG! We can see you. Yep, We see you picking your nose! D:>

7. It is a very  real possibility that you can hit your pinky toe on something and almost rip out the whole nail :(

8. Moving into a new place is really exiting! Except if you find out that the place is haunted!

9. On that note : Ghosts and Spirits are real. No.... Don't fight it. Shhhhhhhh. ..... They're real.

10. It is NEVER too late OR  early to buy someone a birthday present :)))))


  1. 2. be proud. i didn't buy anything today! (but there's always tomorrow)

    6. ahaha! i love people-watching and always find nose pickers/loud singers/makeup appliers.

    8. D: eep!


    hopefully i'll see you sunday!

  2. I am SOOO Proud of you! :) I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy something today! lol.

    Hopefully see you then!