Thursday, February 3, 2011

(in parentheses) p17

1. Clean your bowl after you eat some cereal. Don't be lazy and have the gunk harden up!  I hate cleaning up that shiz...

2. Buy some Gianna's Heart Sanded Cookies from wholefoods!!!! they're sooo cute!

3. If you have a diary.... and you're mentioning all the crazy things you did this year..... MAKE SURE YOU HIDE IT!!!! because .... i will find it..... well I'm sure somebody will.........

4. Do what you gotta do.... 

5. Little surprises make everyones day! So if you feel extra nice... just give a nice little surprise to someone. Like a ziploc bag full of lucky charms.... :)

6. Actions DO speak louder than words.... so watch yourself and what you reflect.

7. Practice your times tables, because you don't want to look dumb when someone asks you whats 8 x 7.

8. I really do believe that if you hit your head multiple times as a child....  it might have some consequences later.

9. I always wonder what reaction i would get when a stranger asks "How is your day going?" and you reply...  "HORRIBLE!"

10. I know In-n-Out is freakin good...... but the 1000 calories per meal isn't...

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