Friday, January 28, 2011

(in parentheses) p16

1. Always have a back up plan! Trust me, being prepared is MUCH better than panicking!

2.  Start thinking of a wicked holloween costume! I know its early but i never get mine done because i think of it too late and end up doing nothing. :( So this year.... LETS BE AWESOME!

3. Instead of eating those chips that arent good for you... eat some bell peppers! or... some kind of healthy food that you like. I swear they put crack in junk food or something!

4. Don't you just hate that hair length where its too long to be short or too short to be long?!?!?!?!? I DO!

5. Be MEAN!(but not too mean)..Sometimes you have to be.... just for survival purposes.

6. Stop stressing! its not good for you. ESPECIALLY if you're stressing about weight! then you're just going to gain weight from all the stress! Its cross cancelling! Plus, its just unhealthy for you.

7. Sometimes doing all those things we dont want to, and giving up the things we need to,  make us a better person.

8. I think its always important to tell people that you love them ♥

9. Do your taxes early.... because its not fun doing them the day before and waiting in line for two hours... yep i've done that before...

10. Someone hates you for no reason???? GIVE THAT MOTHERFUCKER A REASON!!!! (VIA)

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