Thursday, January 6, 2011

(in parentheses) p13

1. Sometimes the greatest things come amongst the crappiest times.

2. Its a NEW YEAR!!! You can do ANYTHING!!!!

3. If you have a dog that you cant control PLEASE take it to a place and train it. You don't know how scary it is thinking that you just might get attacked.

4. Only buy things that you love! That way you don't become a hoarder :(

5. Punching people is NOT the solution.... But it does feel good...

6. Speaking of fights. Don't fight anyone that you KNOW you cant win. You will end up looking like a moron.

7. Hang out with people that you really like/enjoy/are great company. NO company is better than BAD company. Distance yourself from people that could harm/wreck/dramatize your life. YOU DON'T NEED THEM! You're better than that!

8. Revisit some childhood things. You'll be surprised at the food/shows/movies you thought were cool/good. Like i used to like to eat baby formula and then when i was WAY older i tried it again.... and it was GROSS!!! ... but fun.

9.  Find something new that will make you happy! and fill your life with more things like that!!!

10. Don't wear yellow nail polish. ... just ... don't.

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