Thursday, July 28, 2011

(in parentheses)P39

My Space by ~StarryEyed4351 on deviantART

1. What goes around, comes around. ...Like a YoYo.... and it just might hit you in the head.

2. Sometimes a medium bag of popcorn is WAY too much popcorn. Even for two people.

3. You can forgive and forget but sometimes the hurt still lingers there, and that's OK.

4. Whenever I run into my coworker and we're in each others way... I always say "sorry". Once he answered "Don't say sorry! Say MOVE!" Maybe you should try it?

5. If veggie stick chips don't even taste that good compared to regular chips. Then its probably better just not to eat any chips at all. Whats the point in eating a chip that's healthier if it doesn't even taste good? Might as well be EXTRA healthy and not eat ANY chipies.

6. Three things that you can never have too many of: Socks, Chapstick/Lipstick, and Hairties. Always keep those stocked because I lose those like crazy. Especially the socks. Put two in and only one comes out!

7. It sucks when you're super hungry and then you call the tamale man and then you find out his number is disconnected :(

8. Sometimes you just have to put your mean face on so people can take you seriously.

9. Totally start stocking up on sweaters and cute beanies! Because whenever I try to find some during the fall/winter season I find NOTHING! So start early.

10. Feelings are important. So don't let anyone tell you how to feel or make you feel bad about feeling a certain way! You are too important!

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