Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cookin Time

Sometimes when I feel uninspired to buy clothing, I concentrate on other things that have nothing to do with my body. Sometimes I go into an accessorie spree, but other times I go into a decor/kitchen/tableware spree. I have a bad tendency to find things and say "I NEED THAT!" and Matthew looks at me like im psycho and says "NOOOOOO, No you don't NEED that.". In which I obsess about the item for long periods of time until Matthew caves in, and I purchase it (like these tumblers HERE ) I seriously ended up thinking about them for two weeks until I just bought them. AND they're my FAVE! . Here are some lovely table settings along with some cool extra things to make you look super chic while you cook and serve!

1. Ikea- .99¢ Solbrand Cups

2. Modcloth- $6.99 Pug Salt & Pepper Shaker

3. Williams Sonoma- $24.99 Prep Bowls

4. Crate & Barrel- $5.95 Peony Plate

5. Anthropologie- $10-16 Verdant Acres Dinnerware

6. Modcloth- $12.99 Human Bean Mug

7. Anthropologie- $18 Measuring Spoons

8. Willams Sonoma- $13 Mango Pitter

9. Morn Creations- $28 Panda Apron

10. Ikea- $1.99 Doid Glass

11. Crate & Barrel- $4.95 Bianca Orange Plate

13. Crate & Barrel- $6.95 Tinge Green Plate

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

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