Friday, July 22, 2011

(in parentheses) P38

1. It doesn't matter how many times a person says that a shot doesn't hurt, they're LYING! It totally does. Especially if you're getting three of them at one time! 

2. Some people can't help but to be either douchey or bitchy. So i guess we just have to put up with them :(

3. A banana from Trader Joe's will NOT last you a whole week before getting all ugly, soft, and splotchy looking.

4. I assume you're responsible and smart enough to make your own decisions. BUT if you need a little tip. Stop and think to yourself "is what I'm doing stupid?" and hopefully you know the RIGHT answer and don't become a lost cause.

5. Trying to find food when either you're SUPER hungry or completely not hungry is the worst. Either NOTHING sounds good or EVERYTHING sounds good.

6. Telling someone that they've gained weight OR that they're fat is NOT a way to make them feel good or help the situation. Neither is finishing off the sentence with "I'm just telling you so you know." OR "I'm just telling you for your own good." In fact, it will make them feel worse and destroy their confidence and self worth..... mom.

7. Please carry some pepper spray with you or on your key chain. I don't want some yucky old man who is sick in the head to carry you off or attack you!

8. NEVER be a rat. NO ONE likes a rat. If you fall for shit that YOU did, don't take other people down with you and throw them under the bus.

9. If you do something bad to someone who either deserves it or IS bad, then will karma not get you because technically you're doing something good? and technically its karma getting back to the bad person? DOES THIS EVEN MAKE SENSE?!

10. Pain is not weakness leaving your body. Pain is your muscles crying.

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