Monday, October 10, 2011

I Miss You ...

032/365: Not long now. / Ben Smith

As of lately I have been soo busy and super tired. I've recently hit my exhaustion point and had a couple of meltdowns :(. Not my best, but it'll get better. I miss posting soooooooooooo much. I've been banned from my computer at work basically (so I cant use it), and my husbands computer isnt compatible with my blog site so it cant post things correctly. Until I can afford to buy a laptop of my own, I'll be unable to do my daily posts. I really do miss posting though. Everyday I miss searching for cool clothing to show you or something interesting for you to see. I was so happy to post! I loved having my blog. I felt like it made me a better person in some strange way. I'll try to work on one post a week at least during my lunch hours so that i'm able to post something. I'll also try to listen to as much music as possible so you can enjoy some new bands and such that I find :). I really miss you ♥ I miss my readers, I miss writing and posting ♥ I miss my blog ♥

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