Thursday, September 1, 2011

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1. A nacho casserole is essentially  nachos in a glass dish that you put in the oven. I guess it just makes you feel like you're doing something interesting in the kitchen :)

2. BE NICE! Because when you're old and fat, karma is going to come around and kill you for being mean to everybody you knew in your life!!!

3. Everybody gets run over.... ok  well maybe not EVERYBODY .... but if you walk alot then your chances are pretty high. Its just a matter of time! :(

4. Everytime you drop your phone, it will hate you more and more to the point that it will no longer want to do anything for you. People are the same way..... but instead of dropping its yelling.

5. You will  ultimately grow up to be two things and two things only::::  a nice/funny  old person or a mean/cranky  old person..... Let's think about this shall we? .....

6. Don't freak out. Don't freak out. Don't freak out. Everything falls into its place after a while so its going to be OK :)

7. Horrible people are ALWAYS  friends with horrible people... Its the way of life.

8. Finding money that you didn't even think you had are like bonus points!!!!!!

9. If you haven't seen Adventure Time I highly recommend that you do! I'm barely catching up on all the episodes I missed and it makes my day!!! :)

10. Sometimes facing your fears by watching a TV show is therapeutic in some strange way. Its both entertaining and a serious wake up call.

UPDATE::: In my last post of (in parentheses), I mentioned that someone stole my tupperware. Today..... I found them! YES! It was my mean face of an uncle that stole my precious tupperware! He didn't just bring one of them back, but TWO! So today, I will retrieve them!

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