Thursday, September 8, 2011

(in parentheses) P44

Pretty in Pink / letty schmiterlow

1. When you think  that you're normal .... and then you realize that you're not and are a freak.... you end up feeling really really small. Apparently  INFJ personalities only make up 1.5% of the whole population, and four other groups/types of  people that are super anal and/or boring make up for 10-15% of the whole U.S each!

2. Never give up! Never surrender!

3. Doing things ahead of time doesn't assure you that you wont get stressed. Like packing something the night before and then forgetting about it the next morning until you figure out that you left that said something.

4. Its ok to give in to something ,sometimes. According to my husband, when we were at Forever 21, he knows that I can't help myself from buying something.

5. Pink food tastes wayyyyyyyy  better than purple food. Purple food just tastes like soap.

6. Rock climbing for 5 minutes will kill you the day after, and you can possibly even hit your face on one of the rocks while you're climbing!.......... but you should still try it!

7. You know how when you were a kid you would swing really high and then jump off? Yeah?  .... well don't do it when you're a grown up because when you land you will break your legs! I tried it...... and it hurt reeeaaalllly bad.

8. Patience is a virtue..... but instant gratification is better :)

9. Don't be scared to dye your hair! You can ALWAYS  fix it by going darker :)

10. You can be 24 and have a nightlight. Its OK.

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