Thursday, December 8, 2011

(in parentheses) P49

Cotton Candy Kisses / pintavelloso

1. I sent out my husband to Costco for groceries. I sent him out with a list and he came back with Chocolate Cherios, a block of cheese, bananas, a big box of cookies, and sweet pumpkin bread. Lol. 

2. Candy is not lunch/or a breakfast. I wish it could totally be, but it isn't.

3. Watching shows like Intervention & I Survived... can really teach you something. Like how NOT  to be a drug addict or how you can possibly survive after you get shot in your head.

4. Dont EVER say that you're not a hipster. Its a trap and you cant get out of the hole you keep making yourself.  Just ignore the question or divert the conversation.

5. I feel horrible after going on a shopping binge and then I look at my bank account :(

6. You know you're bored when you go to YouTube and start looking at UFO and ghost videos... and then you'll regret it because you'll be too scared that night.

7.  Everyone feels bad enough after something horrible happens or your boyfriend breaks up with you, BUT trust me that you'll feel worse after eating all that comfort food and your clothes dont fit :(.

8. I dont care how old you are, you should NEVER get into a strangers car! Stranger Danger!!!!!

9. Put Nutella on everything!!! EVERYTHING ! .... well.... no....dont... lets limit our temptations.

10. I need to go to bed....... neeeeeeeeeeeed sleeeeeeeeeeeeep

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