Thursday, November 17, 2011

(in parentheses) P48

i want doc martens&160;!

1. As much as I like Christmas, I hate when the retail world starts selling Christmas items in june/july.... or in the early days of October.... Can't we just wait until after thanksgiving ????

2. Old Gaga, pre meat dress, is the best Gaga.... I dont know what happened afterwards :(.

3. If someone gives you something important to do... then you should do it! .... UNLESS  you totally hate that person and they're a mean poopface, then you should take your time and be lazy.

4. Lets try to remember to act our age. Don't be 25 and act like you're 15 or 50 and think you're 20. Lets grow up here.

5. If you're going to pick your nose, do it in the bathroom where no one can see you. Do Not pick your nose at the desk sitting next to me, while  im staring at you, and then touch the stapler I was about to grab.

6. Jillian Michaels is your new hero. Shhhhhhhhhhhh ...... embrace it.

7. Remember, the point of thanksgiving is to eat food....... not to burn the house down making  food. Completely different. Lets be safe and not die, shall we?

8. There is a proper time and place to throw a tantrum. Time: when you're five, Place: at Chuck E Cheese.

9. Yeah, you know you look awesome in those new Dr.Marten boots you got there.

10. Lets not be cheap and buy really cheap nailpolish (and as in cheap I mean either free or anything you find in the 99¢ store.)  because that shit will ruin your nails. Im just trying to protect you. ♥


  1. I sorta disagree with #10. The nailpolish that was the harshest on my nails was no other than ESSIE. It's OPI or die for me!

  2. OPI is awesome!! Im just saying because whenever I get the cheaper polish inside free sets they always ruin my nails and stain them yellow :(. Base coats help but they shouldn't do that.

    P.s im not a fan of essie either!