Thursday, November 24, 2011

Things I'm Thankful For...


I am thankful for...

1. Not having my fingers cut off at work.
2. Having anxiety which therefore makes me paranoid which makes me prepared.
3. Never having any serious head trauma.
4. Not being ran over.... (yet).
5. Being exhausted from two jobs.
6. Having medical insurance.
7. Having awesome music.
8. My husband that allows me to shop.
9. My hamster that doesnt bite me.
10. Not being homeless :( (I always feel really sad when I see someone homeless)
11. Some awesome fuzzy socks my mom gave me that keep my feet warm.
12. Birth Control. (no babies for me right now)
13. My family cat that hasnt eaten my hamster.
14. Blogging my feelings and clothes I can never buy.
15. The prepared section at my grocery store when I forget to pack lunch.
16. Working at the mall so I can spend more monies.
17. Having fat on my body so I wont starve during a disaster.
18. Not having a car so that I can walk more and burn calories.
19. Food Network because it helped me learn how to cook this year.
20. Potatoes.

In all seriousness though.... I am really thankful for having a loving husband that supports me in whatever I do, whenever I have breakdowns, and is there when I need him to do jillian michaels with me (and helps me with my blog :P). I have a wonderful family with great personalities. My loving parents which supported me in moving back home and offered their home to me and my husband because I was becoming an emotional wreck and needed help. I am thankful for two jobs that even though they wear me out, I have met wonderful people and new friends. I am thankful that I'm not completely poor, and most importantly I am thankful to be alive. ♥

                                                     Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

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