Thursday, November 3, 2011

(in parentheses) P46


1. If you keep dropping your phone... it will hate you and die :( . Just like my phone.

2. You're not alone... I'm here enduring the bullshit too ♥

3. When in doubt, or if you're having an off day, then buy something pretty! :)

4. You know that person that you cant stand? That person that really gets on your nerves and you just want to punch them? ..... Once you meet the person that you hate the most, then everyone else will become a piece of cherry pie. No one will compare and you'll be slower to anger and have more patience. Something good can always come out of something bad.... and if nothing good comes out of it, then that sucks.

5. Why am I so poor ?! (no.... not really... but I just want shiny expensive things lol)

6. You know you're sleep deprived when you can't even remember if part of a memory was either a dream or reality....

7. You've probably  been abducted by an alien... and if you haven't ... you will.............

8. Everyone reaches their breaking point. It can be from anything.... work/relationships/fights/whatever. Its you who chooses how to move on from that.

9. Selena Gomez has a baby head. No one can tell me I'm wrong.

10. I hope you still love me ♥

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