Thursday, November 10, 2011

(in parentheses) P47


1. If you don't know that coffee bean makes a red velvet hot cocoa, you do now and you should totally get one! AMAZING ! Tastes like you're drinking a cupcake :) yummmm...

2. Do what you  need to do, to make you  happy.... except meth... don't do meth!

3. Make sure that if you're playing rockstar in the bathroom with your hairbrush, to lock the door. You don't want to be totally embarrassed.

4. You're only ready to have short hair when ....1) You become unattached to your locks. 2) You're ok to feel vulnerable 3)You're ok to freak out or possibly accept that you might regret it.

5. For those of you that have perfect eyesight.... appreciate the fact that you don't have to spend at least $200 extra a year on your eyes :(..... perfectly good spending monies.

6. Don't tell me I'm fat, and then  ask me to go to in-n-out with you.

7. Don't you EVER  go to Chilis in your pajamas! Come on guys..... really?!

8.Get out of your comfort zone.... wear some crazy eyeshadow (not too crazy) or lipstick or something!!!!

9.You are your own worst enemy.

10. Stop and admire your nails..... and if you can't admire them, then that means you have the wrong color nailpolish on. :)

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