Saturday, October 9, 2010

SWAP PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a great idea that i found, and i think that EVERYBODY should do something like this! We should start having more swap parties! Let me explain... a swap party is where you can swap your old clothes for much desired friends clothes. If you need to get rid of some old clothes and freshen your wardrobe with new pieces without spending money...  i think its a perfect idea.

♥ send invites.... let people know in advanced. Plan it ahead and get the idea going. Sometimes people can have trouble parting from items so it might be hard for them to choose quickly what they would like to swap. Make it an official party. Send through Facebook, Email for save-the-dates, and make formal paper invites to actually hand out! so chic!

♥ what to mention in invites::: time, location, date, and details. Make sure to point out not to bring damaged goods. No Rips, Holes, Threading, Stains. I'm sure if you are going to put out a perfectly good piece of merchandise you would want to trade for something of equal care!

♥ when inviting guests... Take your friends into consideration. Make sure that you have enough people to swap sizes and styles. ALSO! Bring accessories! That way ... there is something for everyone!

♥ organization... this is up to you, but make sure that you have plenty of space and lots of mirrors. Try not to make it too crowded. Have plenty of walking room and space so everyone can shop comfortably.Use anything you can : Tables, Hooks, Clothing racks, ect...

♥ Food & Drink. Prepare light bite sized food. If guests want to bring anything encourage drinks and small snacks. Wine, Teas, Cookies, Cheese & Crackers. That way they don't have a boatload to carry.


  • Do swap like a regular store

  • Please return items to where you found them

  • Don't try on more than 3-4 items at a time (others may want to try on too!)

  • One will only swap as many items as one brought

  • Keep comments to yourself (Respect clothing and clothing styles. This is amongst people you know)

  • Do encourage and applaud when swaps are made

  • Most importantly...  have fun!!!!!!!!

    1. YES!!!!!! I've been dying to host one!!!!!!

    2. Oh, to bad you life so far away!!
      In Belgium we have events called 'Swishing' to swap clothes and spoil yourself ;)

    3. Swishing?!?!? That is soooo cool! I wish you didnt live so far away ♥