Monday, October 11, 2010

Santa Monica 3rd St. Promenade

On Saturday my boyfriend and i went to the Santa Monica promenade. I hadn't been there in such a long time but it was nice to take a trip there. The bike pictured above was one of the awesome things we saw there along with street performers and uber cute pets!!!

But the moment i still cant get out of my mind was going to the Hillstone restaurant.


It was completely expensive, but totally worth it! The dishes there range around 16- 20 dollars, and the more expensive around 30.  I really regret not taking a picture of my salad but i felt it was inappropriate to start taking pictures of my food lol. The atmosphere was intimate and dark. The whole place was really dim and mostly illuminated by candlelight. ((side note: did you know restaurants like to keep it dim so your pupils can be more dilated ( from trying to take in light ), which is a characteristic that we find subconsciously attractive?!)) The service was phenomenal! The servers are so attentive, i never once asked for a new drink. it was just brought to me. They come and pick up any sugar packet trash and wipe down the tables for water from the condensation. And the FOOD! THE FOOD!

I had a grilled chicken salad and my boyfriend had a California burger. at first we were kinda iffy about paying such a high price on something so normal. but when our food arrived..... it all changed. First of all the plate looked beautiful. His fries were thin and crispy and were garnished in a way that looked artful, and his meat was cooked just how he liked it : a true medium rare. My salad was one of the best i have ever had. the greens were fresh, the chicken was sliced thinly and was tender and juicy, and the honey- lemon vinaigrette along with a peanut sauce was light and tangy. Also in the salad there were thin tortilla strips, corn, thin jicama and carrot sticks. If i were to rate it... definitely 5 stars!

Well that was my weekend. ... I'll write soon again...

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