Thursday, October 21, 2010

(in parentheses) p3

1. If you havent noticed.... i think that ladies that play any instrument are awesome! ... but if you dont, dont worry i'm still sure you're totally rad in a different way ♥

2. Be prepared to feel the pain when moving into any apartment thats more than 2 stories! I just recently moved to a 3... so i know...

3. If you're going to wear the same outfit in a week, make sure you're not seeing the same people.

4. Everyone should have a specialty food recipe they make. If you dont, learn one! May it be Cupcakes, Pasta, Rice Crispies! ANYTHING!

5.You know you can keep a secret when people dont have to ASK you to keep a secret. 

6. Dont be afraid to try something new. Its so be vanilla....

7. Always have something to look forward to. If not, then the whole week ends up sucking butt.

8. Dont drive and put on your make up at the same time. Its completely dangerous and stupid. You lazy bum! Do it some other time!

9. Mean people are MEAN! So dont be that person....

10. Do you ever have strange dreams where people are farting???? 

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