Thursday, October 28, 2010

(in parentheses) p4

1. Its not right to make yourself feel better by putting others down. Its just a bitchy thing to do.

2.  You know how in all those TV shows where the girlfriend finds the other cheating and then she charges at the other chick and fights? I never understood that. Why her? Its not really her fault ... he's the one that should have had boundaries.... Go punch him!

3. Its always important to exercise..... especially after eating birthday cheesecake...

4. Always try to learn new things. Enrich yourself! You'll feel smarter and you'll have something to offer at the table with cool topics and info...

5. I think the best kind of sexy is when your boobies aren't popping out and i can't see up your skirt. Less is more.... Less. Is. More.

6. Never say someone has bad taste in music. They just don't share yours.

7. Please watch out for pedestrians. I KNOW you don't want to accidentally run someone over.

8. Speaking of accidents. I always wonder if you should have nice undergarments on, just in case that happens and they have to cut all your clothes off..... its just a thought...

9. Wear thumb rings! they're cool!

10. When you're making a purchase you should ask "do i vote for this?" Every day we are actually voting, not just around election time. You vote for the food you buy and how they make it. Organic? Fresh? Quality? Same with Cosmetics, Clothing, Cleaning Products, Utilities... EVERYTHING...If enough people vote for one thing, then whatever isn't working will have to change! If there is a demand for something then the businesses that actually want to make money will have to meet the consumer. We make change! think about that. ...

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