Thursday, October 14, 2010

(in parentheses) p.2

1. Don't Hold it in. Just don't...I'm just saying in general. Don't hold pee in. Don't hold anger. Don't hold sadness. Its just not good for you...

2. If you're happy... I'm happy

3.If you happen to have rhinocerous toenails, and are thinking of wearing open toe shoes... dont! Please paint or groom them. Not just for my sake, but you'll feel much prettier. trust me.

4. Even though i'm a little pudgy doesnt mean i can't outrun you. Unless, you're a running freak like my sister and runs 8 miles daily...

5. Have you ever watched "I Survived...." ? If you havent.... i wouldnt! Its a super scary show that leaves you totally paranoid.

6. Sometimes its nice to splurge. YOU DESERVE IT! Spend that hard earned cash on something you loooove. I'm not saying always... but every once in a while...

7. If you need help dont be afraid to ask for it :)

8. Everyone should know how to change a tire... then you're not stuck and at the mercy of a total creep-o

9. Stop saying you're sorry... i know... i say it way too much! and just about for everything! so i'm trying this new thing were i say " i'm not sorry " . slowly but surely

10. Instead of supporting Starbucks... lets go to a local independent coffee shops. It saddens me that we dont have any more ma and pa stores, so let's support!!!

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