Thursday, October 7, 2010

Starting Out

i'm just a 23 year old making sense of the world. this will be my blog of life, fashion, music, and sweets. the only things i really love. as for the blog, just so you know...i dont capitalize. i know its proper but sometimes when im on a typing role and i'm not making any mistakes, i forget to hit the shift button lol. so i appologize if this irks you. also i do (....) alot.... alot!. i dont know why, i think its because its how i want it to sound... kinda like i'm trailing off, like if im starting to think of something new. i'm just letting you know so i dont sound crazier than what i am.

i have a couple of things that i plan on sharing with you so those post are coming up! :) and if someone is reading this.... and you actually want to ask me a question, then totally feel free to email me and ask! its great to hear things from other people!

a little about me : other than whats already on my about me... :: i am sharing so you know a little more into my personal life and get kinda a feeling for who i am...  and i will do so in bullet form lol
♥ i constantly live with anxiety, but i am currently trying to better myself
♥ i am not afraid of change, or to change myself
♥ love love love music, i also play a little but my life has been on a roller coaster ride so i dont play enough anymore... but i'm getting to it!
♥i am very honest and i am very scared. i always feel very vulnerable.

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