Thursday, October 7, 2010

(in parentheses)

1. If you see someone standing by the pedestrian push button why do you have to go and push it too? Happens to me ALL the time, and i wonder.... do you not trust that i pushed the button?

2. Love is the best thing in the world. I'm not talking about loving a person in particular, but more of loving anything! To have such passion for something is amazing!

3. Please don't say that you're fat.... because you make me feel fatter.

4. Its ok to be open and cry on somebody. Its one of the greatest feelings ever.... of course it helps to know and love the person associated (makes it less awkward) but when you find someone you are completely comfortable with its soothing. I didnt experience this until recently and let me tell you it was life changing.

5. You know when people say " It can always be worse"?  Well.... it can. Even though you may not think so, it can. So lets just get through it one problem at a time.

6. If i could have any superpower it would have to be teleportation. I mean how awesome would that be?  What would yours be?

7. I love commercials.... except those who get extremely loud all of the sudden.

8. Be who you want to be! Even if you want to shave half your head! DO IT!

9. Drive safetly on the road. Especially in the rain!!! For some reason as soon as it rains, people become lousy drivers.

10. If you can bake awesome cupcakes....... you are already my friend :)

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