Friday, October 22, 2010

Its My Birthday!

♪♫ Happy Birthday to Me!!! ♪ ♫ ♪ ♪♫

Well today is my life anniversary.... so far.... nothing has happened EXCEPT im 23!

So basically this is how its going to go down.... work until lunch, go out for a birthday lunch with coworkers, go back to work, maybe go to laguna to pick up sisters, go out for RAMEN with my boyfriend and his dad... and go to sleep.

Then, have a family party tomorrow....

I hope this birthday goes pretty decently and without drama. Let me tell  you, i dont have the best of luck on birthdays....

14th: broke my arm at a charity event. falling of a chair. yes that is right.
18th: i was sexually harrassed at work. fantastic.
19th: went to a church retreat so i really had no birthday
20th: went to a church retreat + somehow formed a sty in my eye. I looked HORRIBLE! and my mom wanted to take pictures of me. really?! my eye was so swollen shut it was bruising. :(
21st: not so bad.... normal stuff. Oh wait. i went out to drink (not drunk) with this guy (creepy) who later told me he wuved.... yes.. wuved me.... a week later...
22nd: so far the bestest! got a super cool ring and some shampoos! spent it with my boyfriend having breakfast at mimi's cafe :) and my family at home :)

i'll probably post up pictures for those of you who care....

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