Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The death of my ipod D:

Oh ipod.... how i loved you. I had seen all the warning signs coming, but i had hope that my most beloved item would make it through. 5 years of beautiful music, of wonderful memories, and of breakdowns and gymming ... and now its gone. Sure i can get another one, but its not the same. Man, i took my ipod everywhere. It kept the crazies on the bus from talking to me, help me survive hours of boredom... oh ipod... I remember once i thought that i lost it at a mall and i was frantically searching for it. I almost started crying when i felt it in the pocket of my sweater. That is how much i loved it! Just a week ago i started to see it lag. I was doing some music cleaning when i noticed it kept getting stuck. It would confuse next for volume. It showed the info of a song that wasnt on.... it was going crazy. So, finally today it went absolutely mad. The last song it played... Bad Romance... REALLY?!?!?  well hopefully i can figure out how to extract all my music from it, and make enough money to buy a new one.... 

oh i pod....  :(

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