Thursday, June 30, 2011

(in parentheses) P37

Bag Ladies / Dave

1. You know when a relationship is bad. And you KNOW when its not going to work. So snip that shit in the bud!!! SNIP IT!

2. Try to have as many emotionally stable friends as you can possibly have. Because then you're just filled with drama queens, flakes, and psychos.

3. Make sure to check that you have no boogers up your nose before an interview! ACTUALLY check that all the time. You dont want some green thing dangling from your nose and making an encounter awkward!

4. If you put your mind to it then you can do it! Of course a little skill helps too, but overall you should be ok. Just remember... Not ALL people can be Astronauts.

5. I need some friends damn it! BEFRIEND ME!!!!!!!!!

6. If its not meant to be once... then is it not meant to be twice????  You tell me....

7. Food poisoning is the best diet. When you get it, just keep on thinking of how great you'll look when you get over it! :)

8. Dont be a douchebag and make plans and then not even have the nerve to cancel or reschedule! At least have the decency to let people know in advance that your ass wont be there.

9. Having a really good manicure can really make your day!

10 AHHHH....... I HAVE A HEADACHE!!!!!!!!!! I cant think anymore.....

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