Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Work Me Up!

When I worked at some place that required me to actually look nice, I always
found it a challenge to dress myself. Not in the sense where I didnt know how to style myself
but in the sense where i couldnt find the medium between too young and sloppy vs.
looking like a grandma.After a while I got the hang of it. Here are a couple of pieces
 that totally play into a youthful professional. Sometimes a quick trick would be to pair
 something that is a little old looking with great accessories.
For example, a cocktail ring or a great pair of earrings. Also color says EVERYTHING! look for
brights or something other than drab. Hair accessories are also a blessing!
It can turn your inner you from volume 10 to 11! This is a fun way to dress
without losing yourself and turning into an old hag.

1. Topshop- $28 Cocktail Ring

2. Topshop - $76 Pink High Waisted Chinos

3. Forever 21- $23 Classic Bow Heel

4. Dolce Vita- $89 Nude Heel

5. Topshop- $92 Crochet Top

6. Witchery- $17 Bow Headband

7. Betsey Johnson- $35 Crystal Heart Earrings

8. Buckle- $34 Tie Blazer

9. ASOS- $33 Yellow Clutch

10. Topshop- $65 Black Paper Bag Trouser

11. Modcloth- $43 Shoulder Bag

12. Unif- $66 Utility Sheer Blouse

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

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