Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Burn Baby Burn

I have decided to make a post just on exercise clothes, accessories , and anything that makes you sweat. Sometimes Its hard for me to get to the gym, and recently I've been really failing on going. Although I really do love gymming, after a day of work, having to make dinner, or doing something time consuming after work, I end up falling short on energy to burn while I'm there. Either that or I end up taking a nap and soon find myself waking up at 11pm (like yesterday). BUT I'm sure if I buy some new gear I would totally make the effort to go and use it :). So here are a couple of things to keep you in shape!

1. Camelbak- $14 Free Bottle

2. Victoria's Secret- $17.50 or 2/$26 Essential V Neck Tee

3. Victoria's Secret- $25 Sweats

4. Apple- $29 Sports Armband

5. Old Navy- $15 Fleece Active Pant

6. Nike- $28 Pro Core Bra

7. Adventure Medical Kits- $25 Ultra Light Water Tight Kit
(If you go hiking or taking long runs in tough terrain)

8. Valeo- $12 Yoga Kit

9. Funkadelic Sports Bras- $25 Polka Dot Sports Bra

10. Nike + Ipod- $29 Sports Kit

11. ASICS- $60 ASICS Gel Pulse 2

12. The Firm- $17 Fitness Ball

13. Nike- $150 Nike Air Max 2011

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

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