Thursday, June 16, 2011

(in parentheses) P35

1.Whenever you wear a skirt or dress and go to the bathroom, make sure that its not stuck somewhere inside your panties! It also happens if you're wearing a cross body bag near your hips! I've had that happen while i was walking around school and noooobody told me! ALSO, make sure to check your shoes for toilet paper!!!

2. Don't invite yourself into something you were not a part of! YOU LOOK DESPERATE! Its kinda sad when others are having a convo (especially on FB  [ where you dont even have a body presence] ) and be like "invite me?" Have some dignity woman!

3. Once you think you're cool ... you no longer are!

4. If you're going to wear super high stripper heels make sure that you can walk in them first. I'm talking about "walking walking" NOT "looking like you are going to fall on your face walking."

5. It feels good to be productive! So get of your lazy butt and do something!.... ANYTHING!!!

6. Omg.... I really want one of those .99¢ crunchwrap supremes from taco bell .... yummmm...  its not advice but i was thinking about it...

7. Only look at yourself in windows that you are positive no one is behind! Its embarassing when you are looking at yourself and then you see a little face behind the glass looking at you back!

8. Sometimes everyone needs a slap to their face to get them to come back to reality.

9.  Every problem has a solution. It might not be the right one... but you'll come up with one.

10. Words from my brother::

Me: Its so hard to grow my hair! I want to cut it!
Brother: Then why dont you just cut it?
Me: Well i want to try and grow it....
Brother: I dont understand you guys. When you have short hair then you want
    long hair. Then, you go through all of this to grow it and
    then when you have long hair then you say you want to cut it and have short hair.
    The cycle just repeats!
Me: ......... :(

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