Thursday, June 9, 2011

Intensify Me

I love how during the warmer weather you can wear all the brights that you want/
I think that you can accentuate any outfit with just a
hint of color :) (bright color) I wouldnt wear these items all at once but they
can make a great eye popping piece for any outfit. Either a bold wedge,
bright dress, or swipe some colorful lipstick on :)
Have FUN!

1. Topshop- $140  Walberg Wedge

2. Old Navy- $20 Cheveron Tee

3. Jack Wills- $5 Kirkby Ring

4. M.A.C- $14 Steamy

6. Topshop- $136 Sizzle Shoes

7. Topshop- $50 Yellow Sandal

8. Dorothy Perkins- $46 Coral Pleated Dress

9. Crocs- $35 Adrina Flat

10. Asos-  $20 Mini Bag

11. H&M- $49 Coral Skirt

12. M.A.C- $14.50 Girl About Town Lipstic

13. Jane Norman- $53 Paperbag Shorts

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

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