Thursday, June 23, 2011

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my favorite colors 23 Whats my favorite color? All of em (34 photos)

1. You can totally survive on $20 for food a week. Yeah you might not like what you eat, but gentlemen,  it can be done.

2. You can't expect people to save you all the time, Sometimes, YOU have to save yourself!

3. I wish that i can carry eggs around and throw them at really crappy drivers that almost run me over! But im scared that i can get arrested for battery or destroying private property or something!

4. NE-VEEEEEEEER watch a movie with Jennifer Aniston in it! You'll die from boredom!

5. Reaching a stage where you become desperate can be both good and bad. Good: it can push you to change and finally reach out and do something new or something that would better you. Bad: Ex: if you're desperate to have a boyfriend and are excited that someone likes you... you'll only be blindsided by your need that you don't notice what a bad choice/mistake you're making.

6 Don't raise annoying kids! My cousins came over to our family party last weekend and i seriously wanted to hit one over the head with a pan so she could shut up.

7. Frenemies? What is that?!?! A friend that is an enemy? OR an enemy that is a friend?  Doesn't matter! Don't have one! NASTYCO!

8. Mexican coke is waaaaayyyyyy better than American coke... Coca ~ Cola (just to clarify). You can taste the difference!

9. You should TOTALLY have a pair of Doc Martens!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!

10. If you're drinking or eating something were there is only going to be a little bit left of that something... you might as well eat/drink it. Don't put that tiny bit back in the fridge where someone will find it and wont even get a full serving of it! Its misleading!

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