Thursday, June 2, 2011

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1. Random acts of kindness are one of the best things that can happen in a day! You should totally surprise someone with a super nice thing! Usually my favorite surprises to give are food.... yep.

2. Follow me @OliviaInOblivia..... (on Twitter) ... See what happens??? We'll see how much crap i can post up lol :).... Do it RIGHT NOW! :)))))

3. Do you ever get scared when you're in the shower?!?!? If you do, you're not alone... Im always paranoid :((( so its ok. You're not a freak... unless.... no one feels like this and then I"M the freak!!!!!

4. OK! Next time that you enroll yourself into college dont forget to read the rate my proffessor page.. Because, you dont want to have a sucky teacher for the whole semester!!! Dont put yourself throught that .. unless you're a massochist..

5. You feel like screaming?!?!?!? then SCREEEEAAAAAMMMM!!!!!!!  (you'll feel much better afterwards)
Pointer::: You should probably go somewhere or do it when you are completely alone because you dont want people think that you are being murdered by mistake!

6. Its intimidating when you can tell that a person can see right through you.

7. If you're adding parentheses to your smiley face, make sure that its either one or more than two ... Because when you put two then you're adding a double chin. NOT ATTRACTIVE! :)) seeeee....

8. Some of us truly are technologically challenged... and its ok....

9. If you ever get a gut feeling (ew gut) you're probably right... If you think that guy is a total creep/douchbag/booger then you are probably about 95% correct.

10. This is a very important conversation:::
Me: Hey, you and me are wearing the same shirt!
Sister: oh, I bought mine at Urban Outfitters.
Me: Oh i bought mine at Forever 21 for $4.50
Sister: Yeah, but mine is soft and will last alot longer.....
Me: ..... yeah

What's the lesson here??? Even though clothes dont last forever... cheap clothes last alot less...

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