Friday, June 10, 2011

(in parentheses) P34

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1. When borrowing someone Else's possessions make sure that you return it in pristine condition. Don't be a whackjob and ruin/tear/break/stain other peoples crap. Ruin your own crap!

2. When you have something really ingenious or witty, make sure you write it down or memorize it! I had something ingenious AND witty to tell you and now i totally forgot :( .. but i had it yesterday :(

3. Don't look at scary you tube videos before you go to bed or take a shower.... you'll scare the crap out of yourself and wont be able to sleep!!!

4. Be careful who you talk to! Because sometimes that 40 year old man that looks normal but isn't might get the idea that you want to be best friends and will want you to sit next to him all the time!

5. Is there something to get the smell of onions of your hands????? Because every time i cook with onions my hands keep the smell for days! ONION HANDS!

6. Sometimes the best way to say no is to run away! JK... but seriously, if you feel bad for saying no to someone you should really practice it. Its healthy to reject people... .... you know what i mean.

7. Everything takes time. So slow down, don't panic, and don't have a meltdown!

8. Take the time to think to yourself and say "What do I want?" You should be very important to YOU!

9. Eating a piece of a chocolate bar a day is ok. However, eating a chocolate bar a day is really really bad for you and you should stop immediately!!!!!!!

10. Remember ladies.... The more make up you wear... the uglier you'll look without it... try to wear make up where YOU still look like the real You.

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