Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tie Me Up

For some reason i really wanted to do tie dye! I had been searching for things to put
and all that i could see was tie dye!!!! This would be a great look
for summer. Its so colorful and bright and i love how this reminds me of
elementary school and hippies :) I'm going to try to find something
because now i must own one of these pieces!

1. Modcloth- $47 Swatch Clock

2. Wrkshp- $50 Traingle Tee

3. Forever 21- $5.80 Threaded Bracelets

4. Delia's- $45 Maxi Skirt

5. Alloy- $23 Birds On A Tee

6. Topshop- $44 Tie Dye Fringe Leggings

7. Rebel Yell- $69 Tie Dye Heart Tank

8. Cara Accessories-$29 Tye Dye Turban

9 Delia's- $25 Tie Dye Tank (assorted colors)

10. Topshop- $45 Denim Tie Dye Bralet

11. Toms- $54 Tie Dye Shoes (assorted colors)

12. Luisa Viaroma- $197 Tye Dye Sunglasses

13. Forever 21- $2.80 Bobby Pins

14. Rumba Time- $14 Tie Dye Watch

Photoshop by Matthew Shriver

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