Friday, May 6, 2011

(in parentheses) P29


1. If your job will not give you a raise after selling your soul to them for five years. Get. the. fuck. out! Yeah i might be talking about myself but you know what? it doesnt matter. You know what you're worth and what your work is valued. If whoever you work for cant appreciate you, start looking for other places where you'll be happier and more appreciated.

2. Always check your food before you eat it! trust me, you dont want to find out you're ingesting some nasty moldy food. AND check for expiration dates as well... Unless.... you want to have food poisoning and be heaving for a whole day.

3. If someone closes a door or a window... its probably because they're cold. So dont be a douchebag and open it again... and then leave.

4. Lets face it. we ALL need a manicure! :)

5. Maybe its true what they say... When you hit the bottom, you can only go up from there.... or maybe you just keep sinking and sinking and sinking until you die. who knows? BUT lets hope NOT!

6. It totally sucks to pay over $90 a year for an eye exam. Especially when your vision isnt even getting worse.

7. Dont be a freakin cheater on words with friends! Who cheats anyways? is your vocabulary that limited that you have to start cheating?!?!?!?!?

8. Appreciate all the good days that you have ♥ After having crappy days those are the ones that will help you survive.

9. I cant think.

10.  I am so sorry... If some of you got the vibe that i might be just a little bit mad.... i am. When you work in an enviroment that you hate, with people that you hate because they've wronged you by wanting to get rid of you AND THEN you have to work with them knowing that they wanted you out of the department you're working in EVERY SINGLE DAY.... for FIVE YEARS without having ANY raise. AND expect you to do ALL the work. Even when you're away for two weeks or more because they're too goddamn lazy to do anything. Then im alot angry. Im sorry but i cant take it much longer. I am completely miserable right now. Miserable. :(

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