Friday, May 13, 2011

(in parentheses) P30

Yayoi Kusama - Infinity Mirror Room Phalli’s Field - Castellane Gallery, New York, 1965

1. Desperate times DO call for desperate measures.

2. When you go to Starbucks or something like that you should make up a fake name! Yay!

3. Everyone has breakdowns and meltdowns... so dont think that you're going insane.

4. Download my music that i post up! yeah bitches!

5. Be a bomb cook! Then everyone will love you! (no promises though)

6. Please dont be a mirror image of someone or something else. The only person that you should see in the mirror is YOU!

7. I swear on the last day of my job (hopefully soon) I'm going to hide a rotten egg somewhere inside my bosses desk. Take that JERK!!!!! >:)

8. NEVEEEEEEEER get into a car with a person that drives like a maniac. Unless you dont value your life!

9. Dont hunch! You'll regret it when you're 50 years old.... and you're going to say... "wow, i wish i would have listened to that blog girl." Try to have good posture ♥

10. NEVER fart whenever you're eating.... EWWWWWWW

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