Friday, May 13, 2011

The Master Cleanse

I have come across this MASTER CLEANSE! man... if i decide to do this may God, Lindsay Lohan, and ALL the delicious bag of flamin hot cheetos help me.

I think that this proooobably NOT healthy. So i really do NOT advise this to anyone. Especially if you're not in good mental/physical shape. I dont want you to not be healthy enough and end up passing out somewhere in the middle of the mall!!!. how embarrassing! I do not want that for you! So please if you are too young and think that you cant take it ... then dont.

If i do choose to take this cleanse thing this is the crap that i'll be drinking for 10- 14 days... .DAYS ::::

                        2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
                        2 tablespoons rich maple syrup
                        1/10 (or to taste) teaspoon cayenne pepper powder
                        8 oz pure water.

                 and if i get hungy.... more water!

Now, its important that you know all the facts. Whether it be positive or negative keep yourself informed!
Dont be a crackhead and do this without doing your research. You can read more about it HERE!

If I do go on with this. I can only imagine myself like this by the end of the week :::

But i'll let you know what i end up deciding on.

Bless your heart Kelly Kapoor ♥

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