Monday, May 2, 2011

(in parentheses) P28

1. Drink LOTS of water! I don't need you people dehydrating and passing out in front of me... because i don't know how to deal with those types of situations!

2. I am SERIOUSLY going to key the car that keeps on almost running me over at the train station just because he can't f'in wait two seconds for me to get in the car!

3. Mothers day is coming! So have that lovely gift ready and don't be a crappy daughter that day... EVEN if your mother is being a crappy mother....

4. If you live with someone.... Don't steal their shit.... PERIOD!

5. LETS BE FRUGAL!!!!!!                   (lets at least try ... lol... )

6. Wishing isn't going to do anything.... Doing will do everything something ..

7. When you drop someones guitar you're in soooo much trouble... BUT it all depends on how much they love you... The more they love you, the less that they're mad :)

8. People NEED to start paying attention their driving... DON'T BE MORONS!

9. Matthew says ::: Always let the water run before you wash your hands, because it might be scorching hott!!!!

10. Clean out all that hair from your brush! Don't be nasty!!!! You nasty!!!

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